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“APPLAUSE” Lady Gaga | Choreographed by Sarah Jane Jones

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29 Responses to “APPLAUSE” Lady Gaga | Choreographed by Sarah Jane Jones

  1. Sarah Jane Jones says:
  2. DanceOn says:

    Thanks for your submission to the #JambaJuice #BlendintheGoodContest! 

  3. sum7hasan says:

    i could LITERALLY watch your choreo all day. amazing! 

  4. vanessa marquez says:

    if gaga’s video was this good…..

  5. Collette Lennon says:


  6. PatricKQMoreira says:

    Hi can you provide us with a download to the version of Applause you used.
    The full version. It seems like the audio in your version is deeper and has
    more bass. I love it so much. Thanks!

  7. Jackson John says:

    I love the choreo from 1:30 onwards. 

  8. Diana Morado says:

    Amazing!!! Including your outfits :) Great job!

  9. Laura Hughes says:

    I love this! I want to do this routine with my models for our fantasy hair
    show, but it won’t let me view it on myphone!

  10. Wade Freeman says:

    The most kick ass, boss ass, werking, moving group of lil monsters. I LOVE

  11. Tim Beauregard says:

    this could be just creepy enough to be the original music video… o.o

  12. Варя Казбинцева says:

    Вау!Это очень круто:**

  13. Ana Vitória NEKO says:

    1:56. – 2:14. *-* OMG

  14. Alexandra TVD says:

    this is realy good

  15. Iván Arturo says:

    #RESPECT <3

  16. cineman73 says:

    oh man 1:30-1:34!

  17. Damien John says:

    This is sick! Not just the choreography but also the creative editing and
    post-effects. *clicks subscribe* 

  18. pattyzul says:

    Congratulations!!! Amazing!!

  19. Alit Rammstein says:

    WoW ! good job girls! <3

  20. kawaii3333 says:

    the choreography is just one of those things where you either love it or
    you hate it. there are parts that I like… and parts that I thought were
    just weird o.o honestly I don’t know how I feel about the dance but the
    video and costumes are pretty awesome

  21. Hayley W says:

    this was incredible!
    definately the rigt amount of demented & unsettling with epic talent & all
    round magical moments!

  22. ajazinggirl says:

    Definitely Original

  23. Isa Salazar says:

    genial! México

  24. Arturo García says:

    Congrats ladies!! good production!

  25. Ileana Sarahi says:

    I loved your choreography!

  26. David Guinan says:
  27. Rene Lewellyn MFT says:

    Can’t wait to tune in. Looks like it will be a fun roller coaster ride. 

  28. TJ Matthews says:

    And no kids how can this be loll ?

  29. TJ Matthews says:

    What none of the women are married, all single with one engaged really they
    must be joking 

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