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21 Responses to Exotic Dancer Shoes, High Heel Platform Stilettos Shoes, thigh high boot, Knee High Boots

  1. l kofie says:

    O.K….can you please upload this video again with a timespan longer than
    0:11?….PLEASE so that I (along with the audience) can take the beautiful
    vision of shoes all in? The timing is just not long enough for us to
    embrace and appreciate this collection :-) 

  2. Hollywood90Films says:

    Congrats <3

  3. Lucia London says:

    J’ adore!

  4. ddgasm says:

    You’re excellent at accents!

  5. Nadja Villarroel says:

    she is like Jessica Day xD (from New girl)

  6. Amey Cocoa says:

    my friends name is Amy Elizabeth

  7. seven13mami says:

    Omg! Nude was my favorite. Especially the way you said Nude, Lmao. Yay
    AmiBeth! :)

  8. Irsa Mahmood says:

    Wish these were longer

  9. Marina Chernysheva says:

    “I’m not drunk, i’m just always like this!” – the BEST! Ahahaha

  10. Sechari says:

    Congratulations!! And that video was mental… in a good way, haha, your
    future husband is lucky to have you <3

  11. lipstickandmaria says:

    I … WANT ….. THOSE !!!!

  12. navygirlist says:

    Ami rockssssss Kassandra is the shizzzzz

  13. whipcream98 says:

    Congratulations Amy!

  14. Dulce Aguilar says:

    Congratulations Amy ♡

  15. pinkelephantspants says:


  16. Ami Kibel says:

    @amineh97 crack is WHACKK. A

  17. Angie2Pink says:

    Really cute

  18. Albo Sheep says:

    Congratulations Amy x

  19. Ami Kibel says:

    Heehee I’m at the airport on the way to my honeymoon!! Don’t know why I’m
    on YouTube responding to comments!!!

  20. sweetpoisonfruits says:

    I loved the acting :)

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