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Friday Haul II~LnA*Vince Camuto*Zoe Karssen I♥CATS

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25 Responses to Friday Haul II~LnA*Vince Camuto*Zoe Karssen I♥CATS

  1. realgirlswearjays says:

    OMG the thumbnail you used for this video, you look EXACTLY like Holly
    Madison, absolutely flawless. 

  2. Cleo Smith says:

    your outfit in this is so amazing and young 

  3. bosschickita says:

    I love your clothes shopping hauls. Those mint green shoes look very YSL!

  4. TheShopgirl2972 says:

    Love your whole look, Lisa including accessories! Excited to see which bag
    you got! Ahhh, bags, watches and shoes are my favorite accessories! Just
    got my first Chanel and I love it! I “need” another one! Lol!

  5. c a r O l i n a says:

    love LOVE your videos lisa! thanks for making them so enjoyable x

  6. Diva2themax says:

    Wow Vince Camuto totally knocked off YSL Tributes.

  7. LisaLisaD1 says:

    @mizzbehavin13 Thank you, I like it, too–it makes it a little different
    but not too crazy! Thanksf or watching! xoxo Lsia

  8. glamrgirl08 says:

    LOL, Lisa what the heck is grandma cleavage???

  9. seashellroses says:

    Lisa I have bought from your blog a few times & love everything please put
    the i love cats shirt & i will buy it..Do you take orders i dont mind
    paying the extra its easier to buy it from you..Thanks..

  10. StyleOfTheTimes says:

    @leahandra77 I think it’s when u don’t have enough support and they hang a
    little funny lol

  11. LisaLisaD1 says:

    @RosalindandPearls Thank you SO MUCH!! I appreciate you!! xoxo Lisa

  12. genieeJ says:

    Great video as always Lisa, your always the 1st video i click on in my
    subscription box :) and i know what your talking about i’m quite small
    around and bigger in the bust and i work at a lingerie store, so i get a
    great 50% off but i can very rarely find my size! anyway hope your having a
    great weekend, Gen xxx

  13. kmwiley1 says:

    Beautiful!!!! Thank you for sharing and doing the bag :) . Love love those
    shoes, girl!!!

  14. GlitterU2 says:

    ha ha “granny clevage” – you always make me smile! xxoo H

  15. heartsnicky says:

    Can’t wait to see the new handbag xx

  16. MissCrystal says:

    Hi Lisa! I have the same issues with bra sizing. We’re probably about the
    same size I’m guessing. I have 2 like the nude strapless one. I like them
    but they are too big around the back for me. Works in a pinch though. Those
    green heels are so pretty! I bought JBrand tan jeans similar but sent them
    back. They were so thin they were almost obsene, lol. I hope those are
    better. ;) xo~Crystal

  17. 232emma says:

    Beautiful stuff. Great hauling. Need to go shopping for bras as well. I
    really like buying them at the bigger department stores sometimes.
    Sometimes they are better quality. Thx Lisa

  18. venutian717 says:

    Lisa, I don’t have a Dillard’s by me, and I was thinking of ordering those
    mint green shoes… but I wanted to know if you could show an OOTD with
    them so I can decide! Thx :)

  19. julia8484 says:

    i love your hair like this :)

  20. amityps says:

    love your jewel combo today, so pretty with a white tee!

  21. amandaloveszoe says:

    Hey Lisa, just wanted to let u know I get my Wacoal size 32DD or DDD at
    Belks. They have a strapless bra that is soo comfy that i wear it all the
    time instead of my regular one. Also it has a rubber band to stop from
    slipping. They are perfect. I know how aggrivating it is havin a weird
    size. I would love to wear VS but no can do. Hope this helps!

  22. Suzie Kim says:

    how do you pay 75 dollars for a tshirt ?! haha i absolutely loved this haul :) and im definitely jealous :D

  23. rdiemidio65 says:

    Those pants look AMAZING on you!!

  24. sunluvingal1 says:

    Hi Lisa! What style lv bag did you order?

  25. Shawnee Sisneroz says:

    Love Ya Lisa I love your fashion, it is to die for

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