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  1. littlefish391 says:

    Go Mr Guppy

  2. Thorp3do says:

    Wayne Guppy just got my vote.

  3. Sam Doyle says:

    First!!!! Oh goddamit, ben. But seriously. That was hilarious.

  4. German Fitness Energy says:

    Haha love it!

  5. LilSimpleAli says:

    how has this not got more views. it outrages me

  6. Paula Leggett says:

    Love how the chick at 1:50 is wearing league shorts!mean!!!!!!!

  7. benjiz69 says:

    @Mr26082010 yea it is

  8. benjiz69 says:

    first comment! Video is outstanding guys! well done! So impressed :)

  9. Bronson Orr says:

    omg is that Issy of NZTM???

  10. kasun ranga says:

    Awesome stuff guys.. Keep rolling..

  11. RetroGamingGeek says:


  12. tiktok51 says:

    not bad not bad at all everthing is good the video and music :)

  13. Cassandra Soto says:

    something something something einstein!! great video !!

  14. Ella Clark says:

    Haha! This is actually really awesome. I’m loving the stuff from you guys.
    Once again though, post the lyrics please :)

  15. benjiz69 says:

    @TheBumsecks racist, chur

  16. HarrisStProductions says:

    awesome,tight,well produced,well acted,great sound.

  17. Amber NZ says:

    WTF. Ministry of Education why aren’t you using this! At least then kids
    might actually listen! LOVE IT GUYS

  18. Above The Clouds says:

    Lame whiteboy is lame

  19. Mysterious Awesomeness says:

    Salem NPP is in New Jersey as well as hope creek they are on the same
    artificial land

  20. MegaSonic1010 Productions says:

    I live near Salem

  21. Cherilyn Monroe says:

    it’s time to power-down all these plants in the way of flooding. I know it
    takes a loooong time to do this, but it’s time folks.

  22. BillyGatesForever says:

    smithers, release the hounds!

  23. International News Items Today TV says:

    @hellavadeal Yes. Wise words..

  24. International News Items Today TV says:

    @ginger27410 Yes. I’m trying to post all the ones I find just for the
    record. I did one on Georgia yesterday.

  25. hellavadeal says:

    They are getting old. Can’t fix them fast enough.Arrogant to think we can
    control such a force forever.

  26. International News Items Today TV says:

    @lazerlight669 Really? Interesting history to the town also. Thanks.

  27. International News Items Today TV says:

    @mrshapplymarried It’s virtually impossible to keep up with everything. I
    like to check on quite a lot of things daily, but it”s not possible
    anymore with so much going on all at the same time. They have really ramped
    up the action the past couple of months.

  28. ginger27410 says:

    We need to start keeping a list of these because on RSOE feed, I saw
    something happened in GA as well, :(

  29. lazerlight669 says:

    I live near it, have flown over it several times in my little Cessna 152,
    yet I hear about problems from youtube, not the local news? Go figure.
    Thanks for posting, The power plant is in Salem New Jersey along the
    Delaware river. (Jersey side). I worked there in 1975 + or -, left when
    they first started fueling it up.

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