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Pleaser Bondgirl 007 High Heels Stockings Shoes Of Hollywood

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29 Responses to Pleaser Bondgirl 007 High Heels Stockings Shoes Of Hollywood

  1. ShoesOfHollywood says:
  2. Mini T says:

    OMG this is a wonderful video such heaven!

  3. look feet says:

    perfect shoes i want you kill me with the heel on revolver so sexy

  4. crazyhighheels says:

    wau so very sexy pretty girl nice feet and hot high heels this videos in
    this type of heels are the best without straps in the ankles

  5. Boobookittyfuck says:

    She’s gorgeous! 

  6. Peter Donnelly says:

    Very sexy

  7. Tommy Tune says:

    Savanna is so hot I have to spank the monkey!!

  8. andy constanz says:

    ok very nice but feet nude?? thanks!!

  9. JohnnyBlazeable says:

    Now that’s a sexy pair of mary jane shoes, i’d love to see you wearing them
    without socks close up…mmmmm and maybe a latex/pvc skirt…….but anyway
    sexy vid

  10. TROLING says:

    I’m plats’ fetish. I vote 5 stairs… fantastics clip.

  11. scudwerfer says:

    just amazing…love the mary janes

  12. darkmegaman2000 says:

    Me too trolling…I also have a pair of these same shoes and a pair of
    white ones as well. 5 stars…..beautiful clip!!!!!

  13. gallaghim says:

    These shoes are so sexy. I want a pair!

  14. pleasermj says:

    omg i love these shoes. i have the exact same pair in black pu (not shiny)
    they my favorites atm :D

  15. soccercleatscrush says:

    Would you stand on my fingers with your heel if I asked you, your maryjanes
    are just so hot

  16. 2notsop says:

    Super sexy. Wish you step on my face.

  17. Craig Lennox says:

    hi there those shoes are so sexy love them especially the patent black is
    hot and love the tights too so hot

  18. sgtcornwalice says:

    i love those heels i got a pair myself and the tights look good with them

  19. TROLING says:

    black & white …. my favorites colours … you’re glad for choose these
    plats !!!

  20. tina heels says:

    i love them

  21. 10057671 says:

    oh wow i love this vid, especially the loud squeaking. Can you do more of
    that in future vids please? X

  22. Ruf fles says:

    U should make a vid wit u putting on and taking off your shoes

  23. 10057671 says:

    can you do more squeaking in future vids please? i’d love to hear that
    noise Thanks

  24. 1944jeremie says:

    Hello. Is it possible to make a video with gas pedal pumping in car ? Thanks

  25. 1944jeremie says:

    Hi it possible have vidéo revving-pedal pumping in car with that shoes?.
    Thx very much

  26. dhw314 says:

    they are sexy.M-J’s always been one of my favorites. wish I could be a
    passenger and watch you drive with them on.

  27. gallaghim says:

    Many i ask what brand these shoes are and are they Dolly 50′s? I am looking
    at getting a pair but have seen Pleaser Dolly 50′s and Demonia Dolly 50′s
    with $40 difference in price. From what i can see from the Pleaser website
    they are one and the same. I am thinking maybe the Demonia ones are cheap
    copies but i’m not sure.

  28. darkmegaman2000 says:

    I have the same exact pair myself and they too are my faves!!!

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