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Pleaser USA shoes DOLLY-50 러브필닷컴

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25 Responses to Pleaser USA shoes DOLLY-50 러브필닷컴

  1. caleb399 says:

    white stilettos = sexy!! 

  2. gioheels says:

    belle scarpe e belli zoccoli !!!!!

  3. tina heels says:

    those R cute

  4. Hot Rod says:

    Your fan has great taste in shoes! Very sexy shoes on a very sexy lady ;-) )))

  5. Paolo Rossi says:

    Walk on me babe :*

  6. Gregory Champion says:

    Looking very gorgeous in white pumps 👠😍

  7. Marcus Entrada says:

    I just want to suck your gorgeous nylon reinforced toes

  8. Mark St. Cyr says:

    I so love any heels that you wear that is a patent leather sweetie

  9. David Cooper says:

    White higheels are very sexy looking 

  10. Hot Rod says:

    We need to congratulate our favorite girl…..I just saw that she passed
    the 4000 subscribers mark! Way to go girl ;-) ))))

  11. heynicepins says:

    Oh wow! You look so sexy in this outfit and those heels!! Please please
    PLEASE do a longer one of you walking around properly….really show it
    off! :D 

  12. euphoric09 says:

    Great heel and leg show thabkyou very much for sharing.

  13. mewisemagic says:

    Beautiful shoes! They really look good on you!

  14. stone33100 says:

    forgot the shoes…..very sexy too!!
    would like to kiss your feet in them!!

  15. John Par says:

    Those heels look so HOT!!! Your legs are so long and sexy!!❤️❤️

  16. David Cooper says:

    Can I buy u some 

  17. krijn1721 says:

    You looks very good in this shoes.

  18. Tami Talons says:

    :-) )

  19. C. Robert Hammond d Bonesan says:

    How sweet it is love those sexy White Pumps. With your Great Legs You make
    all Pumps & Mules look good. Thanks.

  20. dávid jancsó says:

    Szia nagyon jó a vidi. Lesznek a közeljövőben revving videók ? Úgy

  21. foshoY0 says:

    You have really nice legs👌(:

  22. stone33100 says:

    sexy as hell!!!
    you look fantastic! the skirt is perfect…..and the blouse also! can you
    show us more of your wonderful cleavage, please!!!
    love you

  23. andy gordon says:

    sorry to hear about your car,hope you get things sorted,hugs xx

  24. Kathe Jones says:

    Love your blouse…

  25. PinstripedMan says:

    Those pure white pumps on your sexy stocking feet. Go so well with purple
    skirt and white blouse. Sorry to hear about your car. Hugs for that.

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