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Steve Madden Winonna Wedges! ♡

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23 Responses to Steve Madden Winonna Wedges! ♡

  1. Ebony Hogue says:

    i want these shoess

  2. Georgia Hill says:

    I have pj pants in the same patterned material ^.^

  3. Katrina Maree says:

    yeah sure – I like that idea :)

  4. Ash4makeup says:

    So cool! I saw them on lucy hale “aria’s” instagram. They will be awesome
    for summer!

  5. Katrina Maree says:

    aw thankyou so much :) :) :) xx

  6. Georgia Hill says:

    I got them from cotton on :) but I got them awhile ago :(

  7. Katrina Maree says:

    i’m not sure about the sizing of toms, sorry, so ill try and explain the
    best i can. i’m normally a 5.5, so my toes aren’t crunched and my heel
    doesn’t slide out – but i bought these shoes in a 6, and they fit like a
    5.5. so i’d say go half a size bigger than your normal size.

  8. fodorreka95 says:

    OMG so cool shoes!

  9. joanna la says:

    Ive wanted them forever!! Theyre absolutely gorgeous!!

  10. Katrina Maree says:

    thanks :) :) xx

  11. Merrel Thönissen says:

    Can you help me? I’m looking for a cheap, fashionable bag for the summer.
    But it has to carry my books to school. Have you got any suggestion (like
    an eBaylink or wholesale) thnx <3 P.S. Love the video, going to buy them
    THIS summer finally

  12. Katrina Maree says:

    I need those pyjamas!!! lol

  13. Katrina Maree says:

    I’m the worst with bags lol I never carry one, and when I do it’s a plain
    black one. So sorry, I don’t know anywhere good :(

  14. Katrina Maree says:

    they are my babies hahaha

  15. missmegancee says:

    i honestly love you and your videos! i love these shoes oh my god theyre so
    cuuutee xo

  16. Emily Marie says:

    i ordered mine online from the steve madden australian website, they were
    like $100. In love with them :)

  17. Katrina Maree says:

    I’m so excited to wear them lol. It’s cool – I’m sure every comment I’ve
    written to you is that you’re friggin hilarious lol xx

  18. Katrina Maree says:

    me too! thats how i found out what they were lol

  19. CodysFairytale says:

    Wow, I love these! I may have to buy a pair.

  20. heyimmorgaan says:

    I have a question, I wear a 7.5 in TOMS and a 7 in sandals but I dont know
    what size to get in these wedges. Can you help me and tell me what size you
    wear in other shoes?

  21. Bunny Kami says:

    Not something I would wear but they are really cool! Can you show us some
    outfits that would go with them or shoes like them?

  22. Sydney Furiero says:

    I am soooo in love with those!!!! xxx Love your accent..I think I say that
    everytime I comment.

  23. Riz Loves Makeup says:

    They look cute!!!

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