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Tiffany Hendra’s Shoe Sanctuary | Shoe Hoarders Ep. 2

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25 Responses to Tiffany Hendra’s Shoe Sanctuary | Shoe Hoarders Ep. 2

  1. Rosa Perea says:

    I loved that pic of your wedding!!!! OMG, like someone who try to have fun
    all the time !!!!.. totally suscribing to your personal channel

  2. A. Brown says:

    well she’s annoying! and those boots are ugly as hell! lol.

  3. Golden Leaves says:

    Honestly I started watching this video just to hate, but i realized her
    bubbly cute personality won me over! Gosh I feel so ashamed…….

  4. Becci Lange says:

    mouth open through hole video

  5. Tiffany Hendra says:

    Yep- a true Texan and proud of it!

  6. Cat Nguyen says:

    Its like almost everyone has a Loiu Vaton..Idc if i spell it wrong idc
    about that expense stuff.

  7. Tiffany Hendra says:

    Yes as a matter of fact we recently spent 2 weeks in Sudan helping at an

  8. Tiffany Hendra says:

    Thank you. We recently went to Africa visiting an orphanage.. I have my
    priorities straight. It amazes me how judgmental commentors can be. Judge
    and you will be judged. It’s a silly webseries about shoes people!

  9. mystiqueboutique says:

    I dont get her style …not that hot

  10. Saray Hernandez says:

    lol love shoes too..

  11. NaiIGun says:

    A talking cliche showing us some largely vulgar and really rather vile
    footwear (minus the Loubs).

  12. Tuffgirl76 says:

    Definitely not a fan of this conceited woman. Getting married in those
    hideous boots… what a shame…lol

  13. xoxo0414 says:

    wow u have so many, i have like 50 pairs of shoes, heels flats boots, and
    this video isnt helping lol..i want more!!

  14. xXElleN816Xx says:

    I think she is my favorite out of all the girls on these shoe hoarder
    episodes. She’s funny, and not ridiculously snotty like the others,

  15. ThornyRoseV says:

    These shows are boring simply because all the hoarders are super rich
    ladiez. It’s hard to relate to that, they should also have normal women who
    collect shoes.

  16. Christy B says:

    Aww, that was cute

  17. Brilk17 says:

    Plastic sugery isn’t making you beautiful.

  18. ellalala0000 says:

    they are so cute

  19. Sundæ Herpaderp says:

    This is mildly disturbing….x_x does she really need a closet the size of
    my bedroom?

  20. Christabelle Takagi says:

    this is probably the least fav one in Shoe Hoarders only because i m not a
    fun of boots and wedges at all and she introduced those nine west looks
    like my granny’s shoes…But other than that, i love the closet and all the
    heels she has in the background…and her husband looks handsome…”very
    smart to give a woman really big closet…”lol

  21. SissyAngel says:

    i wanted to pet those boots too =) heels have never done that confidence
    thing for me. i have to be wearing a pair of boots to boost my confidence =)

  22. cestlani! says:

    her shoes suck.

  23. Sonya James says:

    I thought the exact same thing

  24. Tiffany Hendra says:

    SO FUN! Thanks Channel 9!

  25. beachbum285 says:

    Holy hell is he HOTTTT!!

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