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Your Questions About Comandante

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Helen Your Questions About Comandante

Helen asks…

Would someone pelase check my Spanish Translations? part 2?

6.)?Quién no ha visto esta situación?
-Who has not seen that situation?
“to see”=ver

7.) Esta es la última vez que tú vas a ver mi.
This is the last time that you are going to see me.
“to see”=ver; “to be”=ser

8.) Te juro a ti que voy a ver su sangre.
-I swear to you that I am going to see your blood.
“to swear”=jurar; “to see”=ver

9.) Ese bandido, El Zorro, ha puesto el comandante en su sitio.
-That bandit, Zorro, has put the Commander in his place.
“bandit”=el bandido; “to put”=poner;

10.) Esta chica es va a morir si nosotros no le ayudamos su en seguida.
-This girl is going to die if we don’t help her immediately.
“to die”=morirse; “to help”=ayudar

lizzyrose cropped Your Questions About Comandante

Our pick of the answers:

7. Esta es la última vez que tú ME VERAS.
8. Te juro que voy a ver TU sangre. (Or, if you want the more formal, it would be “LE juro que voy a ver SU sangre.)
10. ESA chica SE va a morir si nosotros no le ayudamos en seguida.

Jenny Your Questions About Comandante

Jenny asks…

Will Obama listen to the bearded one, Fidel Castro who said Cuba’s Socialist agenda won’t work?

Cuban ex-tyrant and current mascot Fidel Castro has been duped by the imperialist media! Castro trusted The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg enough to grant him an interview, and instead of quoting verbatim his every six-hour harangue on the virtues of Marxism, Goldberg found fascinating a nugget of regret the Comandante let drop: “the Cuban model doesn’t even work for us anymore.”


Will it take over 60 years for Obama finally to figure out that the Socialism Communism model is a FAILURE? Obama will look like and act like Redd Foxx by the time it finally sinks into his brain.

lizzyrose cropped Your Questions About Comandante

Our pick of the answers:

B/c the Obama regime can really care less. They have failed and will continue to fail yet they will continue to think that socialism and big government is the solution

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