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Your Questions About Comandante

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Sharon Your Questions About Comandante

Sharon asks…

Is any of this Spanish grammatically incorrect?

In my Spanish III class, this is a small writing assignment for us to do. It’s supposed to be what I would advise President Bush to do about the war in Iraq. Can you tell me if you see any obvious mistakes as far as grammar goes?

Buenas tardes, Presidente Bush. Gracias por esta oportunidad para hablar contigo. Sé que usted constantemente trabaja para hacer nuestro país el mejor, pero tengo cinco sugerencias para usted:

1.Pienso que usted a veces necesita comprometerse con los demócratas.
2.No siempre confie en sus esbirros.
3.No olvide a los niños de Irak.
4.Escuche las opiniónes de los estadounidenses.
5.Anime a las tropas a ser fuertes.

Tome unas decisiones sólidas, por favor. Usted es nuestro comandante y el futuro de nuestro país está en sus manos.

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Our pick of the answers:

Very good!!!.

One important thing: When you say “….hablar contigo” you are saying “tú” to the President, something that’s not done unless you’re his wife, his mother or a very close friend.

But that’s not the point; in the following sentences you address him as “usted”, so you’re mixing both. You can’t do that.

Instead of “…hablar contigo” write “hablar con usted”.

Ah “opinión” loses the written accent in the plural.. So.. “opiniones”.


Maria Your Questions About Comandante

Maria asks…

Puerto Rico fun and pleasurable things to do and places to go.?

Two adventurous guys to spend a week on the island..Any suggestions as to where to stay,dine,club,sun,gamble,and and entertain fine women.What!s the story on El Comandante race track?

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Our pick of the answers:

You should first rent a car and buy a map.
Second go to the following places:
Old San Juan Hotel and Casino (gambling, dine and club)
Old San Juan
Condado Plaza
El Yunque Rain Forest in Rio Grande
El Conquistado in Fajardo
Take the ferry in Fajardo to go to: Culebra Beach, Saint Thomas or Vieques.
Las Cuevas de Camuy in Camuy. (NICE caves)
Arecibo airport for para-shutting
Rincon Beaches for surfing
Isabella Beaches for surfing
Ponce- Castillo de Seralles
Guanica Beaches
La Parguerra in Guanica
Mayaguez – ferry to the Dominican Republic

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