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Your Questions About Commandant Of Auschwitz

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Betty Your Questions About Commandant Of Auschwitz

Betty asks…

Do you think this is a good summary for my book?

my book is called “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas” by: John Boyne
tell me is this is a good summary of if i need to change anything.

“The Boy in the Striped Pajamas”

My book I read over the summer is called “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas” by: John Boyne. It’s about the Holocaust and a young boy at the age of nine, and another young boy at the same age as well. The first boy has the name of Bruno who is from Berlin, Germany and if forced to move nearby a concentration camp far from his real home in Berlin. Bruno does not like it there what so ever; it has only three floors when the house back away in Berlin has five, the paint is peeling away on the ceiling and the walls, and there is no one around to play with, to talk to or anything, except next door.
Now, Bruno’s Dad, “The Commandant”, as his soldiers call him, runs the concentration camp next door. It is actually called “Auschwitz Concentration Camp”, but Bruno and his older sister who is 12, Gretel, call it “Out-With”, because they don’t know what or why they are here and had never seen a camp like this before. But when Bruno goes outside to explore, he sees a very small boy, much smaller than he was, sitting on the other side of the fence looking very sad and lonely, and hungry too.
All the people on the other side of the fence were all wearing striped pajamas with a striped hat on and patches on their wrists with the Jewish star on it. Auschwitz is the largest of all Nazi Germany’s concentration camps of World War II, and from what Bruno saw every day, there were thousands of huts and buildings for the prisoners to stay and work in.
The boy that Bruno had met that day had only been nine years old and coincidentally had the exact same birthday as Bruno, April 15th, 1934. He had been in that camp for almost his whole life and was very pale, dirty, and extremely skinny. But as the year went on, they became very great and close friends. They talked about everything. Bruno talked about his home and his life back in Berlin and what is was like to live there. And the boy across the fence whose name was Shmuel, talked about what it was like to live in Poland and his Papa being missing and how he had been in this camp and how sad it was how he was living.
So, Bruno had made a deal with Shmuel that he would help him find his Papa. Bruno got his disguise which was the same thing that Shmuel had had on so he could blend in to the rest of the people and wouldn’t get recognized. Although they didn’t find any evidence that would suggest that Shmuel’s Papa might be dead or alive. But when it starts to rain, Bruno decides it is time for him to go home. Then, just as he is leaving the dreadful camp, a soldiers steps in front of him and orders him to go back in to the hut as it was raining.
A year had already past, and Bruno was still stuck in Auschwitz. His Mother and Gretel had gone back to Berlin while The Commandant stayed and looked for him. All the possible places he could be except one, the fence. He walked over to the fence and noticed that the bottom wire wasn’t quite aligned on the ground with the rest of the fence. But how does he get over the fence? He’s too big to go under, and the fence is to high, so how does he get to save his only son?

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Our pick of the answers:

Yea i think it sounds just about right. But i think you might not want to include every little detail….i mean it is a summary. Also, you should use Past Tense cuz i mean the story takes in WW2 which was in the past. And did u know that The Boy In Striped Pajamas is a movie too??? OMG! I watched it and it was sooo sad! And it had a completely different ending to it than what you wrote. Its really sad and shocking too. You should definitely see it!

Susan Your Questions About Commandant Of Auschwitz

Susan asks…

was the Holocaust a myth?

There is no blue Zyklon-B residue on the walls, which would happen if there was repeated Zyklon-B use. The delousing chambers on the other side of the camp still have the blue residue. The excuse for this is that the residue “weathered away” eventually. However, the resultant compound that the massive cyanide exposure would create is virtually impervious to weather as can be seen by the outside walls of the real delousing facilities, and there are also large areas that remain in the alleged gas chambers which are protected from severe weather, yet there is no residue there.

If you look inside the gas chamber, you clearly see that the Soviets ripped walls apart in there to make it look like a gas chamber. The “four holes” on the roof, were Zyklon-B was alleged to be poured down were also added after WWII by the Soviets. There are also holes in the floor showing there were once bathrooms in there.


This is an outside view of the “homicidal” gas chamber at Auschwitz. It looks just like an air raid shelter (because that is what it is), and it is located directly across the street from the camp commandants office. Would’ve been funny if the commandant ran into the air raid shelter for cover and was accidentally gassed to death. Haha, the jokes on you commandant! It’s a gas chamber! Haha!

The big chimney behind it was built after the war to give it that gas chamber look. It isn’t attached to the building, it has no function at all other than to give the “gas chamber” an ominous look. It must have been a bitch getting all those dead people out through that little door too, especially maneuvering around the tight entry way. (Source:
http://www.scrapbookpages.com/auschwitzscrapbook/Tour/Auschwitz1/A uschwitz08B.html)

Here are some more pictures of the alleged “gas chamber” at Auschwitz:

http://www.scrapbookpages.com/auschwitzscrapbook/2005Photos/GasChamber Door03.jpg
http://www.scrapbookpages.com/auschwitzscrapbook/2005Photos/GasChamber Door05.jpg
http://www.scrapbookpages.com/Poland/Auschwitz/Auschwitz26.jpg – entrace door

There are glass windows and a wooden door. That’s not exactly gas chamber quality if you ask me. Also, why are there no locks in these gas chambers?


This is another doorway in the alleged gas chamber – yet there is no door, and even if there was, it leads right to the crematorium. This is very dangerous considering explosive HCN gas is right next door, literally. The Nazis would not have been that dumb.

What is it then? Simple: It’s an air raid shelter.

Gas chamber door: http://gallerydriver.com/Art/Gas%20Chamber,%20Arizona.gif
Air raid shelter door: http://www.scrapbookpages.com/dachauscrapbook/DachauPhotos/ShelterDoor .GIF
Auschwitz alleged “gas chamber” door: http://z.about.com/d/history1900s/1/0/N/B/auschwitz35.jpg
Here is a gas chamber from the 50′s in Baltimore (using 30′s technology): http://i39.tinypic.com/b52r2f.gif Notice the the special construction, sturdy materials, and elaborate latching system.

Notice how this one appears to be made out of wood, is not air tight (see the keyhole), and has a regular hatch and no special seal.

This room has been presented to thousands – maybe millions – as a functional homicidal gas chamber.

Auschwitz was a labor camp that was picked because it was a railway center. It produced synthetic rubber, medical and armament supplies.

No one was gassed at Auschwitz.

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Our pick of the answers:

No the genocide of millions of different people was not a myth-I’ve seen the skeletons, the tattoes, the starved human beings barely left alive that were found, the mounds of gold teeth, body parts, it’s awful. I’m German-American, but it did happen.

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