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Your Questions About Commandant Of Auschwitz

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Mary Your Questions About Commandant Of Auschwitz

Mary asks…

Can you please help me write a conclusion?

I’m write a book report for English and I need help finishing it and adding concluding sentences to each paragraph (They need to be placed where the underscores are). As you can see I’m not good at concluding things. Also if you find any other mistakes can you let me know. Thank -you.

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas Essay

Imagine living in a world where everything you wished for was granted; or a world where every wish was someone else’s command. Wouldn’t it be great? But what if you were a prisoner in a concentration camp where malnutrition and slave labour were the only way to stay alive. Where the only things around you other than the uniformed and armed guards with their dogs and machine guns in the towers, surrounded by barbed wire and the smoke coming out of the chimneys of the crematory, would be the living unwashed, skeletons of men and boys in their uniformed striped pyjamas. Where the never ending torture and arbitrary murder were the order of the day. ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’ by John Boyne brings people from different sides of the fence and from two completely different lifestyles together and through their eyes portrays the different emotions and never ending yearning for freedom irrespective of the odds and humiliation.
Shmuel, a Jew who calls the ‘Out-With’ Concentration Camp home. He is a victim of many injustices and a perpetrator of no wrong; he endures a loss of his father as well as malnutrition and bearing the lot of the other prisoners in the camp.
Mother, the commandant’s wife as well as Bruno and Gretel’s mother is unhappy with having to maintain her husband’s household in such a remote and unattractive environment. Although she does not want her children growing up near the camp rather than in the capital city, she does not view the camp for the barbaric place that it is.
Lieutenant Kotler takes great pleasure in hurting and torturing the inmates. In his impressively pressed uniform, shiny black boots, yellow-blonde parted hair and enough cologne that “you could smell him coming from quite a distance.” He pretends to project the superiority and the cleanliness of the Arian race possessing ultimate power over the inmates he compensates for his insecurities with torture.
All characters in the novel can be viewed as either victims or perpetrators of atrocities where none, represent the middle ground. While we can view the inmates including Shmuel as victims and Lieutenant Kotler and Father are clearly perpetrator, we can view Mother as both a victim of her circumstance and a perpetrator due to her silent approval of the camp.

Shmuel is one of the many victims of the Holocaust. He suffers a great deal in this novel but doesn’t understand why. He doesn’t understand the reason he is in the camp. He doesn’t understand why he and his family are treated so cruelly and why Bruno and his family are not. He is an innocent boy who is living in a world full of adults- adults who make mistakes. Shmuel is victimised due to the fact that he is a Jew. Yet he doesn’t understand why he is treated differently to the non-Jews. Like all people of his faith during World War II he was obliged to wear a yellow badge -- on his arm in public at all times. “And every time … [they] left the house… [Shmuel’s mother] told… [him] … [Shmuel’s family] had to wear one…” whenever they left the house; and yet he didn’t understand why he had to do so.
When his family was made to live in a communal flat he was victimised once again, this time by a fellow Jew. The other boy, Luka, whose family was sharing the same room, -would let out his frustrations out on Shmuel.
On his arrival at Auschwitz it would be the Germans turn to harass and victimise him and his family along with other Jews in the camp. Starvation, daily beatings and menial work were the new way of life for the inmates. The only thing that keeps him alive and willing to live on is the fact that he has a new friend, Bruno; he is great to talk to. But little does he know how much harm can become of it. ______________________________

Mother isn’t very developed in this novel but you can see that she has a few distinct qualities. She is seen as a perpetrator and victim at the same time. For most of the novel, Mother is the compliant wife of a Nazi commandant. Through out the novel Mother is changing from the compliant wife to the one who takes charge and speaks her mind. One of the first times we see Mother’s character is when she covers for Pavel. When Bruno cut his knee and when he fell off the swing Pavel helped him but Mother told Pavel to say that she had done it so he wouldn’t get into trouble. She is being kind to Pavel but the only reason she is doing that is because Bruno is her own son. When the Fury (Fuhrur) comes to dinner, she is constantly counting the number of things that have to be done in the house as well as is extremely nervous when he finally arrives. She is more comfortable talking to the servants than to people

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Our pick of the answers:

Love, strenght and courage is what this book shows us.this book is perfect for a person intrested in history or just wants to cry their heart out,

Donna Your Questions About Commandant Of Auschwitz

Donna asks…

Holocaust book project ideas? (9th grade)?

I need to pick a project to do about a holocaust book (the boy in the striped pajamas) and i have no idea what to do, already some suggestions are a board game, children book, power point, scrapbook, trailer, commercial, magazine, comic book, etc. None of them are good enough.

This is the summary of the book if it helps:

It is about a boy in world war two whose father is a commandant and is the owner of a concentration camp. Bruno, the young boy, finds a Jew behind a fence and so they begin there journey as friends who are not aloud to be friends. (Auschwitz)

lizzyrose cropped Your Questions About Commandant Of Auschwitz

Our pick of the answers:

Make a scrapbook of photos showing the glory of the Third Reich. Photos of nazi rallies and Hitler. Photos of soldiers, the SS, beautiful German BDM girls and Hitler Youth. Photos of the awesome buildings with eagles and swastikas. You can get them off the internet.

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