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Your Questions About Commandant Of The Marine Corps

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Sandy Your Questions About Commandant Of The Marine Corps

Sandy asks…

Does an Admiral out rank a Marine General?

Given that the Admiral is a four star in charge of say the 7th Fleet and the General who serves in the United States Marine Corps, yet not the Commandant but in charge of a MEF. Who holds the greater rank if all else being equal. Same time in, time at, DoB, etc. Often I have understood that Marines are always subordinate to the Navy. IE: There has never been a provision of a Five Star General of the Marine Corps.

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Our pick of the answers:

Your Question is moot as Fleet Command and MEF Commands are not 4-star billets in their respective branches. If they are equal rank and not in the same chain of command then: If the Duty assignment is not a factor than TIG/DOR (Time in Grade or Date of Rank, TIS (Time in Service), DOB (Date of Birth, really born on same day??) are all equal then time of birth would be an option.

Four-star grades go hand-in-hand with the positions of office they are linked to, so these ranks are temporary. Officers may only achieve four-star grade if they are appointed to positions that require the officer to hold such a rank. Their rank expires with the expiration of their term of office, which is usually set by statute. The standard tour length for most four-star positions is three years, bundled as a two-year term plus a one-year extension, with exceptions.

Four-star officers are nominated for appointment by the President from any eligible officers holding a one-star grade or above, who also meets the requirements for the position, under the advice and/or suggestion of their respective executive department secretary, service secretary, and if applicable the Joint Chiefs. The nominee must be confirmed via majority by the Senate before the appointee can take office and thus assume the rank.

There are currently 41 active duty four-star officers in the uniformed services of the United States: 11 in the Army, 11 in the Navy, 14 in the Air Force, 4 in the Marine Corps, 1 in the Coast Guard.

The Following are the only current 4-star USMC billets:
Commandant of the Marine Corps (CMC)
Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps (ACMC)
Commander, U.S. Joint Forces Command (USJFCOM)
Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (VJCS)

I Marine Expeditionary Force, II Marine Expeditionary Force, III Marine Expeditionary Force, and Marine Forces Reserve are all Lt. Gen. Or 3-Star Billets (Marine Forces Reserve btw is the largest command in the U.S. Marine Corps.). A Marine Expeditionary Force or MEF (formerly known as a Marine Amphibious Force) is the largest type of a Marine Air-Ground Task Force.

The Marine Corps’ counterpart under the Department of the Navy is the United States Navy. As a result, the Navy and Marine Corps have a close relationship, more so than with other branches of the military. Whitepapers and promotional literature have commonly used the phrase “Navy-Marine Corps Team”, or to “the Naval Service”. Both the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) and Commandant of the Marine Corps report directly to the Secretary of the Navy.

Cooperation between the two services begins with the training and instruction of Marines. The Corps receives a significant portion of its officers from the United States Naval Academy and Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC). NROTC staff includes Marine instructors, while Marine drill instructors contribute to training of officers in the Navy’s Officer Candidate School. Marine aviators are trained in the Naval Aviation training pipeline.

Training alongside each other is viewed as critical, as the Navy provides transport, logistical, and combat support to put Marine units into the fight, for example, the Maritime Prepositioning ships and naval gunfire support. Most Marine aviation assets ultimately derive from the Navy, with regards to acquisition and funding, and Navy aircraft carriers typically deploy with a Marine squadron alongside Navy squadrons.

Marines do not recruit or train noncombatants such as chaplains or medical/dental personnel; naval personnel fill these roles. Some of these sailors, particularly Hospital Corpsmen and Religious Programs Specialists, generally wear Marine uniforms emblazoned with Navy insignia. Conversely, the Marine Corps is responsible for conducting land operations to support naval campaigns, including the seizure of naval and air bases. Both services operate a network security team in conjunction.

Marines and Sailors share many naval traditions, especially terminology and customs. Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipients wear the Navy variant of this and other awards; and with few exceptions, the awards and badges of the Navy and Marine Corps are identical. The Navy’s Blue Angels flight demonstration team is staffed by both Navy and Marine officers and enlisted men, and includes a Marine C-130 Hercules aircraft.

In your situation a Vice Admiral and a Lt. General would be equals, unless one was appointed over the other due to requirements of duty assignment or combined force structure: i.e. The USMC Commandant & Assistant Commandant are both 4-stars but the Commandant outranks the other 4-star due to duty position and assignment as his superior officer.

Donna Your Questions About Commandant Of The Marine Corps

Donna asks…

Will the Marine Corps succeed at returning to its maritime roots?

The Sec Def says they need to. Many Marine leaders are calling for it. “But for the past decade, Marines have fought in the deserts of Iraq and Afghanistan. Gen. James Conway, commandant of the Corps, says there is a generation of Marine officers who have never stepped aboard a ship.

“As a result, the Marine Corps has earned a different nickname.

The Marines in Iraq and Afghanistan have functioned for years as a so-called second land Army,” Defense Secretary Robert Gates said recently, speaking to the Marines’ Memorial Association in San Francisco. “Fundamentally the Marines do not want to be –nor does America need — another land army.”

What is the Marine Corps currently doing to make this become a reality?

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Our pick of the answers:

It needs to happen. The Marines need to devote their resources to their primary missions, ready force, humanitarian assistance, and diplomatic.

They are already stepping up training and missions in these areas. Recent activity shows they are meeting their responsibilities in these areas and preparing for more. In July Marines trained in Korea as a show of force in the area. They are still providing aid in Haiti in Operation Continuing Promise. They have been to Central America, Columbia, and other S. American countries training them in drug interdiction. They just completed an exercise with Peruvian Marines. They just completed Operation Shared Accord , training forces of Mozambique. Non-lethal riot control methods were taught in Mongolia, an annual seminar taught by the Special Operations Training Group; last year was in Sri Lanka.

The 26th MEU updated training in boarding ships. This included breaching the ship by fast roping, close quarters manuevers, and ship control. That should be very useful against the current problem of pirates. SPMAGTF-3 participated in a multi-national exercise emphasizing amphibious operations. Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Tonga participated.

The Marine Corps is taking the initiative to make sure Marines remain Marines.

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