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Your Questions About Fafsa

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Lisa Your Questions About Fafsa

Lisa asks…

How do I apply for FAFSA without involving my parents?

This may sound silly but is there really no way to bypass having to involve my parents in filling out a FAFSA application? I live on my own but I am not over 24yrs old. I guess that is the big kicker…

I live alone and will be paying for the college courses myself so I didn’t see any need to contact my parents about this.


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You have to be able to answer yes to one or more of the following questions:


Linda Your Questions About Fafsa

Linda asks…

How do you fill out your fafsa when your financial situation has changed?

How am I supposed to fill out my fafsa information for the next school year when my financial situation is not the same as it is on my taxes for last year. I was recently laid off my job and the only income we have now is my husbands, do I still fill it out as I normally would with my last years tax information?

lizzyrose cropped Your Questions About Fafsa

Our pick of the answers:


The FAFSA application process does not provide any type of allowance for “changed circumstances”, but your school’s financial aid office will.

When you complete the FAFSA, you must provide the exact information requested – for the exact time period specified. In other words, where the form asks for information about your 2008 tax returns, you’ll have to respond with the information, exactly as it was filed.


Financial aid officers are all permitted to make adjustments to a student’s aid offer if the student is able to document that his/her FAFSA application is no longer representative of their current economic circumstances.

Typical “changed circumstances” situations include:

Layoff of the student and/or the spouse or parent(s)
Illness or injury
Hurricane, flood, tornado or earthquake damage

Complete the FAFSA as normal – but contact financial aid, and ask them what you need to do to make a changed circumstances appeal. I can’t promise that they will make changes to your offer, but I can guarantee you that they will certainly consider it.

Good luck to you – I hope this helps you and good luck on the job front, too!

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