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Your Questions About Heels Over Head Lyrics

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Laura Your Questions About Heels Over Head Lyrics

Laura asks…

lyrics: me and paul revere?

I would like the lyrics to Steve Martin’s “Me and Paul Revere”

lizzyrose cropped Your Questions About Heels Over Head Lyrics

Our pick of the answers:

Hi friends, I regret that the Steep Canyon Rangers have not yet published the official lyrics to this great song on their web site. Perhaps they will very soon as the song has garnered so much national interest. As I understand it, the lyrics are by Mr. Steve Martin, and the song is excellently performed by Steve and the Steep Canyon Rangers. The title is: Me and Paul Revere.
Awesome song gentlemen… Many thanks, THS Boise, ID

Late at night in the silver light, in the stables eating hay
In came a man, an artisan, and we both rode away
He whispered in my upturned ear, “it’s time to get an’ go”
“ ’til this job’s done, we breath as one, head for the outbound road”

Me and Paul Revere, oh, me and Paul Revere
I’m the horse he chose of course, me and Paul Revere

He told me that a thousand troops, were out to do their worst
“They want Sam Adams and Hancock, we’ve gotta get there first”
Along the way to Lexington, the Regulars drew guns
They gave chase and we set pace, those boys they were outrun

Me and Paul Revere, oh, me and Paul Revere
On the run to Lexington, me and Paul Revere

We turned North through Cambridge Town, along the mystic road
Nostrils flared and gallop strong, my legs on fire below
We got up to where they slept, woke Adams and Hancock
And they said “who’s that?”, “…that’s Larkin’s horse, she’s steady as a rock”

Brown Beauty is my name, Brown Beauty is my name
Revere and I one and the same, Brown Beauty is my Name

The Grenadiers are on the move, let’s fill the powder horns
How much more has that horse got, Concorde must be warned
Paul Revere gave me the heel, we charged the Concorde road
But we were taken prisoner, by ten men on patrol

Me and Paul Revere, oh, me and Paul Revere
I’m the horse he chose of course, me and Paul Revere

He told them that a hundred men, had spread the good alarm
“You better head away from here, for Lexington is armed”
Revere stood tall and fooled them all, …told ‘em what to do
And they let him go but sadly so, they took me with them too

I never saw Revere again, I know he thinks of me
And wonders where I ended up, the night we set men free
I’m just the horse that no one knows, I’m famous though inside
Standing proudly in a field, I was Revere’s ride

Sandra Your Questions About Heels Over Head Lyrics

Sandra asks…

song lyrics about being in love?

i want to make a status that expresses head over heels, young love
it doesnt have to be a pop song or well known… preferably just tone line that captures the feeling icon smile Your Questions About Heels Over Head Lyrics !

lizzyrose cropped Your Questions About Heels Over Head Lyrics

Our pick of the answers:

The band Summertime’s End writes some REALLY good young love songs icon smile Your Questions About Heels Over Head Lyrics

Try lyrics from these three songs (I recommend something out of the last song though):

The Art of Succinct Compliments: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s10X9WrrucE
I know I struggle to find
The way to speak my mind
In twenty five words or less
I never have that success

‘Cause sometimes I want to say
All the things that I’m thinking about you baby
It’s never seemed to work before
I guess I’ll try it just once more

So here I go

You’re cute, you’re sweet, you’re soft, you’re smart
You fill the gaps inside my heart
You’re nice to hold and hard to leave
You’re everything that’s good to me

I love your hair, your pretty eyes
The way you leave me mesmerised
I guess there’s just one thing that’s true
Above the rest – that I love you

I’m sorry if I make no sense
The art of succinct compliments
Has never been a skill of mine
But I’ll just do it one more time

‘Cause all I really have to do
Is tell you how much I love you

Your Sunrise: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jti4jFBq-y4&feature=related
The sun sets so you pull the curtains closed
But did you see the way your room still glows?
My eyes hurt when I stare at you. It shows
Who’s really beaming

It’s getting late but it’s still this bright inside
Your radiance, it stands to be admired
I’ll close my eyes but I promise I’m not tired
I’m just daydreaming

Look in my eyes
You light the skies
Outshine the stars
To their surprise
Make day from night
I’ll hold you tight
Your sunrise shining bright

You’ll never know how much it means to me
To watch somebody learning to believe
And you can’t see, but behind this UV screen
My heart is warming

I used to hide in darkness all the time
Thought that the best times always passed you by
Until a sunbeam taught me how to shine
By shining for me

Your light, it shines so brightly
I’ve found someone that’s right for me
You’re shining right beside me
Keep shining on

In Stereo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gnD_V6-GLw
Like a truth unsaid
The thought of you
Fills my tired head

Your hand in mine
Taking left in right
As we combine
Joining black and white

Turn out the light and we’ll dance through the night
Spinning slow
As our hearts beat in stereo
Twirling around in the wake of this beautiful sound
Sway with the breeze in three hundred and sixty degrees
Yeah, our hearts beat for days like these
Soak up the moment and promise you won’t let it go

Your breathing slows
As we gently sway
The music stops
But we keep going anyway

The skyline fades
Trading red for blue
But I don’t care
‘Cause I’m here with you

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