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Laura Your Questions About Heels Tumblr

Laura asks…

what are your favorite ways to spend time on the internet?

I shattered my heel bone in 4 places the other night and am pretty much stuck in bed because I can’t walk anywhere. Anyway, my question is what are some fun, entertaining ways to spend time online? Favorite games, websites with interesting articles, any suggestions would help. I’m a 21 year old male if that helps just so no one suggests pinterest or anything like that haha thanks

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Our pick of the answers:

I’m so sorry. icon sad Your Questions About Heels Tumblr I hope you’re okay! ( I happen to like pinterest! Haha)

Let’s see…what do 21 year old males like? Haha.

1. Tumblr: There are lots of funny and creative images there.


2. DeviantArt: Only if you like Art. It’s an art gallery place filled with original works, fan art, and funny comics.


3. 4chan: It’s a forum but it can be a scary place if you go to the wrong parts!


4. Youtube: Of course, you already know what Youtube is. Great place for funny videos.


5. ArmorGames: This website is filled with flash games!


6. Newgrounds: Another awesome website. It has Art, Games, Movies and Music.


7. Know Your Meme: A website where you can learn more about internet memes.


8. Omegle: This place is where you can talk to strangers, haha. It’s as safe as you make it out to be. Just don’t go to the webcam part.


9. Chatroulette: Just like Omegle! Just with webcams.


10 FaceYourManga: You can make a cute little Manga looking Avatar for yourself for Free. icon smile Your Questions About Heels Tumblr

Nancy Your Questions About Heels Tumblr

Nancy asks…

What to wear to hospital volunteer interview?

It’s in 2 hours, so I don’t really have time to shop
Everyone says wear nice slacks, but the closest I have are grey straight jeans. They look more serious than most jeans(no holes, not super skinny, modest color, etc), and if I wear a nice blouse with it would that be ok?

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Our pick of the answers:

YEs a pair of grey jeans should be perfect.

Wear high heels, nothing too strappy but the type you would wear to a family event, shoes that are successful looking and professional looking.

Wear a simple shirt or blouse in muted colours (e.g white black etc.)

A nice tailored jacket or blazer over that if you have one.

No nailpolish (unless clear) but short and clean nails.

Your hair slicked back in a nice messy top of the head ballerina bun.

Hope this helps!


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