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Sharon Your Questions About Heels Tumblr

Sharon asks…

How to have a summer makeover?

So this summer, I want to change. My appearance kind of.. Idk I want to shock everyone when I come back next year. I am going to be a sophomore.

What Im planning to do
-grow my hair out, won’t use heat, my hair is naturally straight
-get a tan, i am VERY PALE i usually put a bit of self tanner on
-gain muslce, i am skinny but i want to look more toned
-different style, I shop at places like brandy melville, urban, forever21 and h&m
-lighten my hair naturally with lemon juice, my friend did this and it worked for her

i have more I can;t think of right now. but if you did something like this, what did you do & how long did it take.
also any tips for growing out hair, tanning better without being overtan, and what workouts to do to gain muslce, and other ways to lighten hair without dying it. thank you!

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Our pick of the answers:

Hi! I know what you mean, after every break i changed my appearance haha. It’s just fun to change up our looks and see people’s reactions.

Some things you could do:
- Change your makeup/start wearing some
Makeup is a great way to enhance your features and a little goes a long way! A winged eyeliner look is really nice.

- Dye your hair
Probably not good for the growing process, but if you really want to change it up, go for henna. Maybe don’t go a red colour if you don’t want to look paler, but do it if you are going to tan. If you don’t want to change your whole hair colour, you can try the lemon thing on the tips of your hair for a natural ombre look, or on strands.

- Get a fringe or grow it out
Getting a fringe or growing one out can make a huge difference. Have a look at some fringes (if you don’t have one) on Google. If you do have one, then maybe get a different style or grow it out. There are some pretty cool fringes out there, I love the rockabilly look with the full fringe that is really short, there’s also a full fringe that is slightly vertical, I love that too! Might not be your cup of tea, but just have a look icon smile Your Questions About Heels Tumblr

- Get extensions
You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to, it’s expensive and is high maintenance. I wouldn’t recommend this unless you REALLY wanted longer hair. The only thing though is that most people will notice, depending on people’s opinions, some might think it’s fake (bad fake), some might think it’s okay. You decide.

With changing your style, have a look on pinterest and tumblr. There are tons of different styles of outfits on there. For example, if you like the boho look, search up boho, paste your favourite boho outfits onto a document and print them off. Gather some other styles you like a lot, choose a couple of styles you like THE MOST. Do your research at what stores are boho, chic, vintage, etc, go to the stores, try on some outfits that you think are closest to the style. If you think it just doesn’t work for you, then that’s okay, move on and see what other styles are out there.

I am also a pale girl. I just wanted to say that you don’t have to make yourself tan because everyone else is. I sometimes do it as well, but only because I want to, not anyone else. Please don’t make pale girls extinct because everyone is telling you to! I thought that was the way to go once, everyone always comments on how tan they are compared to me. So i’d tan and make myself bronzer, getting caught in the midst of it, I’d think i’m not tan enough, so i’d spray more and turn out orange the next day (don’t do that haha!!). Thinking people would stop nagging at me, I’d go to school the next day and all people say is “Omg it’s obvious you have fake tanned!!”. Ugh!!!!! You just can’t win! It’s either be pale and have people nag at you or be fake tan and have people gossip about you. Now I just say “Yeah well I burn, not tan!”.

My change:
About last year, over the holidays, I lost a lot of weight (exercise), ate healthy salads and only drank water (I still do!), I also dyed my hair darker (looks awesome with pale skin!), got a full fringe, and dyed the ends pink. I also advanced my clothing skills, before it was jeans and a tshirt, but now i am more like colourful jeans and a blouse with heels or studded flats. I also changed my makeup, I honestly looked like an anime doll! I was obsessed with kawaii and stuff back then, not so much now. I did winged eyeliner, made my eyes and lips look bigger with subtle rosy cheeks.

Last thing:
Sorry it’s so long! Wow, haha! Anyway, just wanted to remind you that just because you are changing a lot of stuff on the outside, doesn’t mean you should change the inside (unless you’re a mean person lol). Don’t change your personality or ego over this huge different change. I cannot begin to fathom how nice people dye their hair, get a slutty piercing, tongue piercing, get a boyfriend, etc, change their whole personality! What is so wrong with being nice?? Please just don’t change your personality! Everyone is going to be “woah, she’s changed so much! I wonder if she’s a bitch now,” (don’t take offence!). When a nice person wears their skirt so high you can see Uranus and Mercury, it just is so sad they have to do that to get attention. LONG STORY SHORT; Don’t you dare change your personality, unless it’s for the best, and don’t become a skank! Surprise all those people that subconsciously wonder if you have become what they hate!

Maria Your Questions About Heels Tumblr

Maria asks…

Is the Sony a65 a good camera choice?

I have a Fujifilm finepix s2950 and was looking to upgrade to better camera. Both Sony a65 or Nikon D5100 were my choice, is the Sony a65 a good camera? Or is the Nikon D5100 a better choice? Whant to use for photography(pro pics) editing and stuff… Post them on Flickr and tumblr.

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Our pick of the answers:

The Sony A55 is an EVIL camera, an unfortunate acronym which stands for Electronic Viewfinder, Interchangeable Lens, all camera will be in this format in 10 years time there are lots of advantages to it.

Note to Edwin it doesn’t have the dreaded semi silvered mirror which robs you of 2 f stops of the earlier models.

The Achilles heel of all Sony cameras is the none standard hot-shoe and their use of the Minolta lens mount which severely limits lens choice. This one also suffers from a plastic rather than magnesium chassis.

Here they are side by side


I’ve added the two best APS sized cameras available at the moment, best for low light – low noise performance and dynamic range, in short currently the best for image quality.

The Pentax has the advantage of a huge range of cheap (sub $100), but optically superb lenses available, any K mount lens will work as designed over 230 of them and that’s just the ones made by Pentax, note most are manual focus, but all are image stabilised as it’s built into the camera, no extra to pay every time you buy a lens. Don’t buy a Pentax K5 if you want video, it’s good quality, but you can’t alter anything except Manual focus and zoom during recording.

Read the DP reviews (links on the above page) and make your own mind up, if you can get one in your hand and see how it feels, how easy or not to control basic settings, build quality etc. So much the better.


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