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Your Questions About Heels With Red Bottoms

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Betty Your Questions About Heels With Red Bottoms

Betty asks…

What do I wear under my graduation gown?

My school colors are red and white, so of course, us ladies are wearing white.
I know it should be a dress or skirt shorter than the gown, but what color?
It it okay to wear patterns?
And what kind of shoes?
And HOW do you wear your hair?

lizzyrose cropped Your Questions About Heels With Red Bottoms

Our pick of the answers:

Yeah its okay to wear patterns.Mine had some floral pattern on it.
I think a white cocktail dress would be perfect. You can wear any color heels with it.I think floral heels would look good.
You should wear your hair in a way that doesn’t gwt ruined by the cap. I suggest you keap it down and straighten it or make it wavy or curly at the bottom.

Maria Your Questions About Heels With Red Bottoms

Maria asks…

What to do with hair and makeup with this outfit?

I’ve got a swing style dress that I absolutely love and I’m trying to figure out his to wear it. My style is generally red lipstick, polka dots, stripes and florals. And curly hair!
Anyway, this dress has a full skirt (no petticoat, but has some built in so it has volume), and is one of a cream/light beige base with pink and blue flowers and brown leaves. It’s empire waist, but isn’t too flattering up top so I’ll wear a cardigan with it.
I’ve got a cropped navy light knit cardi, a long pale pink one, and a light pink double breasted jacket with short sleeves and a matching removable belt. Still trying to choose which ones.
Anyway, I want to wear my Cuban heel stockings, which I’ll have to wear with my plain black suede platform wedges… And a black leather bag. So whatever I choose has to match those, too.
Now, I’ll definitely be wearing red lipstick. Brown or pink based, I’m still not sure. I wear mascara on the top lashes with a touch of liquid liner, and lots of blush.
My hair is mostly the same length – almost at the bottom of my breasts, and is dyed red. I want it half up half down, and it’ll be curled, but I’m not entirely sure how to do it, and I suck at victory rolls.
I wanna look sweet – but I’m 17, so I don’t wanna look TOO young, and I don’t wanna lose a sort of 50s style feel.
Any comments, tips or advice would be greatly appreciated, because I’m going out tomorrow evening. Thank you!

lizzyrose cropped Your Questions About Heels With Red Bottoms

Our pick of the answers:

For the half up half down hair, you could just take one section from each side, then bobby pin in to the back of your head. Looks like your hair is up/back but it really isn’t. Since your accessories are dark, I would go with the pale pink cardigan. Sounds cute! I loved my red hair lol

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