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Your Questions About Heels With Red Bottoms

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Lizzie Your Questions About Heels With Red Bottoms

Lizzie asks…

Slightly red lump on the side of my foot?

I have a slightly red lump on the right side of my right foot about half way between my heel and my little toe that is about one inch away from the bottom of my foot. It hurts ALOT, especially when i walk or when i touch it. It is very hard, almost like a bone. I don’t recall hitting it or doing anything to cause this.

Does anyone know what this might be?

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Our pick of the answers:

It could be a blister, the hardness is the skin, and you may not have noticed at first because its caused by walking long periods of time

Mandy Your Questions About Heels With Red Bottoms

Mandy asks…

How much clothes do i need for high school?

Im going to high school on august 26 ^~^ i have some clothes but i havent gone shopping for school clothes and how much tops,bottoms,sweaters, cardigans, and shoes and tips for the first day of high school. Thanks xoxo

lizzyrose cropped Your Questions About Heels With Red Bottoms

Our pick of the answers:

1. The Little Black Dress is such a fashion must, that many French women base their wardrobes around that one garment. That makes sense: it’s the one dress that fits perfectly every time and can go anywhere with the right accessories.

2. A pair of Skinny Jeans. A lot of people don’t like skinny jeans because they make you look shorter (which is true), but you also have to know how to wear them. So if you’re not very tall, and you want a little height, add a pair of high-heels to the combo and you’ll look stunning!

3.T-shirts- Black, white, and a fun color. Perfect for layering as well as wearing alone, these shirts help stretch your closet way beyond its limits. A sexy white tank-top. Everyone’s got their favorite tank, so make sure you stack up on the colors because not only are they cheap, but they’re also very versatile.

4.Pair of close-toe black heels or pumps. Your close-toed black heels will not only make your three piece suit extra professional, but can also meet up with most of your dressy wardrobe items in a fashionable expression of understated style.

5.Lots of accessories! Ok, so maybe you don’t keep accessories in the closet, but you know very well how huge of a difference they can make to your wardrobe. Bangles, pearl necklaces are all necessary for a successful outfit. Jewelry you love Simple but striking, jewelry can give everyday basics new life. Finish off any look, for example, with a pair of simple gold hoops, or opt for a large, chunky necklace (and skip the earrings altogether); either of these will instantly add glamour.

6.A Great Coat or fitted blazer. A stylish coat goes a long way – you can wear it to work, you can wear it to parties, you can wear it on top of the little black dress to the opera or theater.

7. A scarf. It’s a piece that can add instant style impact to a suit or a crisp white shirt. Pick one in a bold color or vivid pattern; tie it onto your neck or purse handle, or twist it and wear it as a simple, but vibrant, belt.

8. A big bag ans tote bag: If there is one thing your closet cannot miss out on, is a big, accentuated bag, and everyone’s got their favorites! A tote bag will look good for going out for shopping.

9. A Crisp White Shirt: The perfect white shirt can take you anywhere.

10. Heels: Invest in high heels, platform or stilettos But it has to be something you can walk in. Oh, and remember, when you are walking in them, OWN IT!!

11. Ballet flats: A wardrobe staple for that long walk across campus or shopping in your college town.The look is chic whether you choose the red soles or the fabulous faux.

12. BELT: No matter what your fashion taste, whether bohemian, preppy or classic, you can find a belt to enhance your look.

13. Sunglasses: If you’ve had a long night of study or a late GNO and you want to cover those late night eyes sporting a pair of fabulous sunglasses will do the trick.

14. Flat motorcycle boots: Team it up with shorts, bare legs or with tights. Your skinny jeans or get the hipster look and wear them with a dress from Urban Outfitters.

15. Shorts: If you want to continue you summer wardrobe into the winter, team it up with heavy tights and your motorcycle boots.

I think thats it, quite a huge list icon biggrin Your Questions About Heels With Red Bottoms

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