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Your Questions About Heels With Red Bottoms

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Nancy Your Questions About Heels With Red Bottoms

Nancy asks…

Any tips for making outfits and looking good?

i loooooove shopping so much and i buy cute stuff, but some how i always end up wearing the same few things. I need to know how to buy cute clothes that i can layer with tank tops and wear a with bunch of different things(eg. a nice shirt that i can layer with several shirts, different pants etc.) I also suck at accesorising!!! I need help on what kind of jewelery to buy and how to put things together. Also thing for just looking good in general, like tips and stuff. In my area alot of the style (for girls) is like skater girly if that make sense, but i can be preppy to a little bit and we do follow some trends(leggings, flats stuff like that) any help is appreciated. oh im in grade eight so im 13, and i also wanna know where i can get cute shoes like low heels and flats, wedges.hair tips to, and where to get good smelling lotion and perfume,give me examples.
thank you soooooo much school starts next week so i need help soon.

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Our pick of the answers:

Well layering can be a bit annoying occasionally, I’ve bought several tops, thinking, wow these will look great under clothing piece x/y/z just to get home and found they were the same cut at the front, son not visible at all peeking out on top, nor long enough to be seen peeking out at the bottom or the wrong shade of a particular colour.

When shopping to layer, you have to be quite conscious of what you already have in your wardrobe- unless of course you are buying two pieces together in which it is easy enough to find out whether or not it works.
Make sure tht you are not only buying it because it’s cute but that you have something to wear with it, so after the first enthusiastic response to it, step back look at it and ask yourself, what will I wear it with. Think of the possible options and think about whether material, length and cut will go wit h tops you have already.
Start of with things that have similar material and shades, it’s easier to do, very course and very fine material can be layered together but it takes a bit more practice to pull off successfully.
Have a look at a colour wheel to get a better idea of what colours will go, while similar colours are easy enough to spot, it will you to find contrasting colours that can be worn together and colours that may clash.It may seem basic but it’s important.
Have a look at this site:


Try not to put black with colour, it often cheapens the colour, especially if you are dealing with a bright pink or red, go with silver, white or grey.
Some shops actually sell camis or tanks specifically for layering which are longer than usual so are more likely to work well:



If you want camis that look out over the top of the shirt you are wearing above it can look nice to have a bit of lace or other detail around the the top.

Accessorising is just a matter of practice really and the type of accessories you choose depend heavily on what style you are. Again, you can either go with trying to match the colour you are wearing or contrast it. What also works well is going with neutrals, choclate brown, beige and silver especially work well with a range of colours.
Mixing the style of your accessories can look a bit odd, say if you have a chunky wooden bead necklace and dainty silver earrings or even just accessories (excluding shoes and bags) so necklace and earrings especially of different colours can look a bit odd.
Have a look at other peoples outfits and see what you like and dislike and what they do for accessories.
Places like http://www.polyvore.com or http://www.mystylediary.net/Default.aspx let you look through a lot of outfits and could be quite helpful in doing that.
If you find any of my ramblings helpful, this is my profile at polyvore:


If not, maybe you can find better inspiration on the rest of the site.

Nice smelling lotion, I LOVE Bodyshop (http://www.thebodyshop.com/) although it can be quite pricey but most of the time it is worth it, I especially love the cocoa butter and e-vitamin range, it’s some of the only moisturisers that actually work for me (I have very dry skin). I love the subtle smell of the cocoa butter and the fact that it isn’t greasy and absorbs quickly:


I don’t get a lot of stuff there, it’s just not in my budget but I do get the odd thing to subsidise my cheaper stuff.
They also have perfume and you can actually buy a little set of fragances that you can use to combine to make your very own individual scent (again, not that cheap):


For popular perfumes for teens, this is apparently the top ten list:



Though obviously, choosing a perfume just because it is on a list is a very bad idea as a perfume is a very individual choice, it might help getting you started.

Looking good in general; it might sound stupid but sleep is actually quite a factor, there are very few people who can party through the night and look gorgeous the next day (me not being one of them, I look like death warmed up). Get a good moisturiser, your skin looks better if it is moisturised although it may not feel that different.
If you wear makeup, don’t forget to take it off before you go to bed, it’s better for your skin and saves you from waking up to panda eyes (http://www.visit4info.com/sitecontent/TN/tnZZZZZZTVICL0611180436PIC.jpg ).
When buying make-up, if you are getting stuff that you will use often and covers a lot of your skin, try to get good quality.

Hope I helped a little.

Lisa Your Questions About Heels With Red Bottoms

Lisa asks…

What accessories to use with a black and white polka dot dress?

I dont know what to do with my nails and what color heels to get. this is a formal spring fling. my dress is white with black dots on top an just black on the bottom(skirt). please help. it is very casual and i would like to add a bit of color

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Our pick of the answers:

Something bright to make it pop. Red would be my choice

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