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Your Questions About Heels With Red Bottoms

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Laura Your Questions About Heels With Red Bottoms

Laura asks…

What exact items should a woman own, missing from this list?

I’m writing a story in which a woman is given absolutely everything she would need to start over her life. I can handle things like new town, new job, new house, new name, but I also want a very exact list of items, especially clothing and I don’t know much about the kind of clothing a professional woman should have. I’ve started a list here, am I missing anything?

Work Items
Tower computer, large monitor, keyboard, mouse, mousepad, printer, printer paper, scanner, laptop, smart phone, house phone, computer headset, reference books, pens, pencils, writing paper, file cabinet, labels, and bin.


5 Long-sleeved Plain Collared Formal Shirts
5 Professional Alternate Shirts
5 Professional Long Trousers
5 Professional Short Pants
5 Knee-length Professional Skirts
5 Work-appropriate Dresses
5 Matching Jacket/Bottoms Sets
6 Pairs Crew cut Black Socks
6 Pairs Boot Socks
6 Pairs Black or Dark Tights
2 Plain Black Belts

5 Pairs Jeans/Non-professional Trousers
5 Pairs Shorts
5 Short-sleeved T-shirts
5 Long-sleeved T-shirts
5 Pairs Long Socks
5 Pairs Black Anklet Socks
5 Pairs White Anklet Socks

2 Full Women’s Suits
4 Cocktail Dresses
2 Formal Long Dresses

1 Pair Plain Black Loafers
1 Pair Plain Brown Loafers
1 Pair Professional Sandals
1 Pair Black Cold-weather Boots
1 Pair Plain Black Flats
1 Pair Plain Black Heels
1 Pair Formal Strapped Heels
1 Pair Running Shoes
1 Pair Casual Shoes
1 Pair Flip-flops

6 Sets Plain Black
6 Sets Plain White
4 Sets Lacy Black
4 Sets Lacy White
2 Sets High-end Lingerie
1 Nightie

1 Trench coat
1 Heavy Cold-weather Coat
2 Light Jackets
2 Professional Scarves
1 Casual Scarf
1 Pair Light Gloves
1 Pair Heavy Gloves
1 Sweater

Accessories and Jewelry
1 String Pearls
1 Plain Watch
1 Pendant Necklace
1 Evening Necklace
1 Alternate Necklace
2 Bracelets
4 Rings
1 Pair Stud Earrings
1 Pair Dangle Earrings
1 Pair Alternate Earrings
5 Suit Ties
2 Hair Ribbons
1 Pack Bobby Pins
5 Scrunchies
5 Hair Clips
1 Pair Sunglasses
1 Winter Hat
1 Sun Hat
1 Cap

1 Large Suitcase
1 Overnight Case
1 Work Briefcase
2 Purses
1 Wallet
1 Make-up Bag
1 Travel Backpack
1 Light Backpack
1 Laptop Bag
1 Beach Bag

1 Nightly Face Wash/Moisturizer
1 Primer
1 Foundation
1 Bronzer
1 Blush
1 Under-eye Concealer
1 Mascara
1 Black Eyeliner
1 Alternate Eyeliner
1 Brow Pencil
3 Eyeshadow
1 Lip Balm
2 Lip Liner
1 Red Lipstick
2 Alternate Lipsticks
1 Lipstain
1 Casual Lip Gloss
1 Makeup Brush Set
1 Eyelash Curler
1 Tweezers
1 Pack Q-tips

1 Electric Toothbrush with Batteries
1 Travel Toothbrush
1 Whitening Toothpaste
1 Floss
1 Pack Toothpicks
1 Bottle Mouth Rinse
1 Clarifying Shampoo
1 Unscented Daily Shampoo/Conditioner/Bodywash Set
1 Unscented Deodorant
1 Unscented Shaving Cream
1 Razor with Backup Blades
1 Body Lotion
1 Hand Lotion
1 Exfoliating Bar
1 Hair Brush
1 Comb Set
1 Hairdryer
2 Bottles Perfume
1 Set Nail Clippers
1 Nail File
1 Bottle Clear Nail Polish
1 Bottle Red Nail Polish
1 Bottle Alternate Nail Polish
1 Bottle Polish Remover
1 Pack Cottonballs
Feminine Products

1 Mini Pocket Umbrella
1 Large Heavy Rain Umbrella
1 Two-piece Swimsuit
1 One-piece Swimsuit
2 Pairs Summer Pajamas
2 Pairs Winter Pajamas
1 Bathrobe
1 Pair House Slippers
5 Sets Summer Exercise Clothes
5 Sets Winter Exercise Clothes

I realize it’s a lot to go through; I really appreciate any help.

lizzyrose cropped Your Questions About Heels With Red Bottoms

Our pick of the answers:

Why does this matter for your story? Is it important? If I were a reader and came across a big list like this, I’d skip it or stop reading. Is this really needed for your story? I’m sorry, but it’s just too much. Just say she got everything she needed to live a nice life, you can say it was a lot of stuff or not a lot. I bet a normal woman wouldn’t bother to keep track of all their articles of clothing. If there is a purpose to it and it really needs to be perfect for you, then I’ll help. I’m thinking she’d need some money and a card that could identify her, like a driver’s license. Also, she could use a birth certificate.

Things she’d need:
-birth certificate
-cleaning supplies

BTW, all the things you listed are not completely needed to start over and remember people are cheap. She can go without make up and two different umbrellas.

Sandy Your Questions About Heels With Red Bottoms

Sandy asks…

What makeup should I wear to homecoming?

Well, I am young and don’t wear make-up usually but for this I will. I am wearing a red dress with gold heels. I plan to curl my hair. I am really just looking ideas for eye make-up. Thanks.

lizzyrose cropped Your Questions About Heels With Red Bottoms

Our pick of the answers:

Okay, do you plan to look soft and glowing or BOLD?

It doesn’t really matter, ’cause I’ve got tips for both.

First you’ve got to understand that I won’t suggest any brands, because it sounds like advertising and also it really doesn’t matter as long as the colour is present. It also doesn’t matter whether it’s long last or whatever either.

So first the look for your eyes:

First apply a translucent-y white shadow over all your lids, and the
space between your eyebrow and the bottom of the lid. Then apply a
peachy eyeshadow on your lid area and a little bit above, just a thin
layer. Then do the same but a little lower, on the lid as well, so the
peach line could be seen. Then take a soft dusky pink and do it
AGAIN so that you have a gradual transition from peach to gold to
dusk. Finally, apply a gold liner on your lashes — you can do
it with black or pink too. That’s the soft look, you can brush a bit of
gold powder on your cheeks too, with some clear gloss on your lips.

Now for the BOLD look:

Brush the white eyeshadow like you did for the soft look, then apply a
brown eyeshadow or a red one over it, so you can still see a soft white
shadow. Then maybe go over with a gold, or an orange….
Use a bold liner, like a black or a red — gold’s too subtle for this look
but you can experiment. Highlight your cheekbones with a dusky pink
rouge, and use lipstick as well as liner and gloss if you want.

Personally, I prefer the softer look because it doesn’t jazz you up too much – but again, this is your homecoming.

Don’t overdo the white eyeshadow, smudge it at the edges to blend it in with your skin.

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