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Your Questions About Heels Without Heel For Sale

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Jenny Your Questions About Heels Without Heel For Sale

Jenny asks…

How to wear plaid skirt, without looking porny?

I bought this beautiful green plaid a-line skirt that is cashmere and on sale for $14.99. I couldn’t leave it there so I got it, as soon as I got home my husband was wiggling his eyebrows and saying he wasn’t sure he was going to let me go outside with that skirt.

The skirt is just two inches above the knee, so it isn’t short and with opaque tights I can wear it to the office, but what can I wear with, so it doesn’t make me look like a naughty school girl? It’s already hard because I am 27 but look 17, so what do I do?

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Our pick of the answers:

Okay, well go buy some black boots WITHOUT the HEEL! And a black shirt with a pretty big bag, wear your hair half up with a hump in the front, you’ll look more professional than porny and just explain to him that you have style !!!

Donna Your Questions About Heels Without Heel For Sale

Donna asks…

Could we see a John Cena heel turn at Summerslam 2011?

And here’s why I think so:

I see Triple H becoming the Special Ref for the WWE Title match between Cena & Punk. Then at Summerslam, I see HHH pedigreeing CM Punk and then Cena covers him for the 1, 2, 3. Then after the 3-count, Cena gets up and smiles at Triple H and shakes his hand and then Triple H raises Cena’s hand, as the crowd in L.A. goes wild!

Then the next night on RAW, Triple H comes out with Cena to the ring and Cena has a new heel theme, he’s wearing a suit and he’s carrying the WWE Title. Triple H’s reasoning for him and Cena joining forces to screw Punk, he tells the crowd, is because, he didn’t want the same mistake that happened at MITB, on Vince’s watch, to happen again at Summerslam. He says he couldn’t stand to see that “rebel without a clue”, CM Punk, walk out of Summerslam still with the title. So he and Cena plotted to cheat Punk so that, as HHH says, “the right man leaves with the title around his waist.” Cena goes on to say that he got tired of these people cheering for a terrorist, cheering for a man who didn’t give a damn about the WWE Universe and told them that they were one of the reasons why he wanted to leave. He says he has fought to defend the people for 6 years and, yet, night in and night out, they boo him repeatedly. And so, Cena says, he wanted to give them a reason to boo and now…they got one.

Then Cena holds the title until around October when the WWE is in Mexico City and after CM Punk, who’s rivalry with HHH starts that RAW after Summerslam, and his ROH-themed stable attack Cena, RAW MITB Winner Alberto Del Rio comes out and cashes in his briefcase to win the WWE Title. This win would make ADR a hero in Mexico but he would still be a heel in the rest of the U.S. Then at Survivor Series, it would be Team ROH vs. Team Cena/HHH(can’t think of a name for their alliance yet)

What do you think of this story on a scale of 1-10? Is it likely or is it just a dream?

BQ: What would you think if this was John Cena’s heel theme?: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DaNK3nYqD64
NOTE: I AM a CM PUNK fan, so this is NOT me trying to bury him.
Cena’s turn would make CM Punk one of the top faces in the WWE and Cena the top heel.
NOTE: Cena would have a mohawk now like he did when he was a heel back in his developmental days.

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Our pick of the answers:

That is actually epic from the storyline to the theme song people like you should be on the creative team sadly this idea wont happen imo it is just a dream this storyline has got me pumped up
Prehaps maybe and this is a big maybe if cena gets more and more heat wwe may have to turn him heel like in the way i believe the way some sections cheer the miz will lead to him turning face

The only reason why vince doesnt want cena heel is because of the lack of top faces and sales of merchandise but punk can become the top face people were buying his t shirt for $300
when they thought it was limited edition cena should turn heel the iwc will like him better

BQ; that is a wonderful heel song

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