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Your Questions About High Heels

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Sharon Your Questions About High Heels

Sharon asks…

is it fashionable to wear high heels in the winter ?

i live in michigan and it gets really cold with plenty of snow do alot of girls still wear high heels?

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Our pick of the answers:

High-heeled boots is the way to go! And I see plenty of women wearing high-heeled boots in the winter, in places like New York or Chicago they wear them so that’s fine. Some girls might wear high heels in the winter if they aren’t outside very much but I think it would be a safety hazard if there is plenty of snow so you could wear high-heeled boots because they stay on you better and keep you’re feet warmer! icon smile Your Questions About High Heels
Some like these:


Hope I helped!

Nancy Your Questions About High Heels

Nancy asks…

help with wearing high heels?

i have never worn high heels before(embarrassing!) and i really want to start soon. i want to be able to wear a four inch heel soon and so i want some advice on how to walk in heels in general and on some other things:
1. walking on stairs
2. walking on slippery floors
3. are boots or shoes better?

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Our pick of the answers:

To get you started with wearing high heels, remember, when you walk, always let the heel touch down first and roll your foot until the toe touches the ground as well. Repeat that process for each step you take.

1. Walking on Stairs
- hold onto the hand railing if one is available
- lean foreward when you walk so your center of gravity is more balanced

2. Walking on Slippery Surfaces
- rubber soles are much better for grip then leather
- block heels are much more stable then stiletto

3. Boots or Shoes
- high heel boots are a LOT more comfortable and stable then shoes
- boots don’t fall off and have better support
- add padding like thick socks or padded pantyhose to make heels way more comfy
- if you are in heels for a long time, always choose boots

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