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Your Questions About High Heels

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Sandy Your Questions About High Heels

Sandy asks…

high heels ?

What kind of high heels do you wear ? show me .

lizzyrose cropped Your Questions About High Heels

Our pick of the answers:

I wear all kinda…depends on dress i ll give u tips on that..
Wear a shorter heel. A 2″ heel causes less problems than a 4-inch heel. A shorter heel will give an elongated appearance if it is a thin stiletto type rather than a thick or chunky heel.
Try to save the use of your high heeled shoes for functions where you will not be on your feet for extended periods of time; treat them as a limited privilege accessory.
Take your designer shoes to a pedorthist to have them custom fit to your feet. They may be able to stretch the toe box to better accommodate your feet.
Try wearing a larger size show than usual and insert heel cups indo the backs for a better or more comfortable fit.
Wear open toe shoes instead of a similarly-styled shoe that causes discomfort in your toes. Partially open toe shoes have become more acceptable in many work environments, allowing you to further customize your shoes to your feet.
Remember that however appealing those high-heel, high-fashion shoes are, your feet need to carry you around for a lifetime. Treat them kindly!

Here r some lovely heels 4 u
http://flordelaqua.files.wordpress.com/2007/06/chocolate-high-heels.png http://www.virginmedia.com/images/high-heels-gpg.jpg


shoes Your Questions About High Heels

this is wat i wear



Ruth Your Questions About High Heels

Ruth asks…

Do you like to wear very high heels?

I’m 16 years old and I like wearing high heels a lot. And nothing under 4 inches because I don’t find smaller heels cute. I have several pairs of gorgeous stilettos and cute high-heeled boots and I wear them every time I go out. I love being tall for the night (I’m 6ft in heels).

Are there other girls about my age who like to wear very high heels? Do you wear them to school, to go shopping, or mostly when you go out?

And ladies do you wear them to work?

lizzyrose cropped Your Questions About High Heels

Our pick of the answers:

Yay, another high heels lover! I myself am a huge high heel lover. I love high heels. I always have, even when I was a little girl. My mom would always joke around with me and say, “When you were born, you had little stiletto’s on your feet.”

Call me crazy, but I think high heels are super comfy and I walk in them without any problems. I’m even crazier for saying I hate flats and tennis shoes. Not just because I think they are ugly but because I can’t walk in flats nor tennis shoes. Especially flats! They are so uncomfortable. I’m always getting blisters from wearing flat shoes, I don’t last a half hour.

Now I could be in 7 inch heels for days and I would still be comfy. For me, my heels have to be above 3 inches at least. Nothing under that. As for where I wear my heels, I wear them everywhere. Seeing as they are the only thing I wear. I wear them to the mall, to school, and I’ll be wearing them to work.

The only time I’m really seen in tennis shoes is when I’m at the gym working out.

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