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Your Questions About High Heels Online Canada

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Jenny Your Questions About High Heels Online Canada

Jenny asks…

Looking for silver prom shoes size 5 US ?

Help i am in need of styles and design ideas .

Any online stores which ship to canada would be a good help.

I love high heels btw , flashier the better!

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Our pick of the answers:

Here are some silver shoes from payless.



Maria Your Questions About High Heels Online Canada

Maria asks…

What are some good starter heels?

I’m average height, but now that I am getting older and out of high school, I’d like to start adding some different pieces into my wardrobe. I’ve tried heels before, and because of my low arch, they are generally very uncomfortable.

What are some good types of heels (boots as well) that would be ideal to try out for a newbie to heels, and that are going to help offer some more support/comfort? Are there any brands that tend to offer better choices? Nothing online-based or strictly American please, it must be available in Canada.

Thanks icon smile Your Questions About High Heels Online Canada Also, colour and pattern can really be anything, as long as it looks appropriate.

lizzyrose cropped Your Questions About High Heels Online Canada

Our pick of the answers:

I’m exactly the same, before you say anything, i have suffered extreme pain because of how low they are, I suffer from extremely low arches, infact they touch the ground so i just have one big flopper of a foot!
I struggle to find a nice pair of heels that are both comfortable and nice looking. I seemed to find that if you get shoe inserts the ones that cover the whole of the shoe they seem to help me, what seemed to help me with information is when i browsed google for some advice and ideas, here are some links i scrambled for you:





I know this might sound weird but go to your local running shop, and asked to be fitted for a running shoe, but don’t have intentions on buying it. They’ll tell you if your above a certain level or below a certain level, and you can then buy shoes according to your level to give you maximum support.
Hope this helps. X

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