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Your Questions About High Heels Online Canada

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Carol Your Questions About High Heels Online Canada

Carol asks…

What shoes go with this dress?

This is my High School Prom/Grad/some-other-special-occasion dress:


I don’t like that picture ^ ^; the dress looks much better in person.

Now, I’ve tried tons of heels on. My feet hurt, from all the heels I’ve tried. I am now looking for an alternative to heels; I hate them. I don’t wear them. When I DO wear them (for weddings, big b-day bashes, fancy dances etc) I look ridiculous. It’s like I’m trying too hard and my feet are always aching within the first hour; I am extremely unaccustomed to them, I know there are those insole things for heels, but I’d rather stay away from heels altogether. I don’t want to “adapt” the shoe just to make it more comfortable especially if I don’t even like wearing heels.

I wouldn’t mind a cute kitten heel, but what color? Any designs? Sequins? Bows? What? How about flats? Could I wear “fancier” flats? Would that be alright? I’m really short (4′ 11″), so is there any type of dress shoe I should stay away from?

Just give me your advice of the style shoe I should go for and any stores that I can go to. I live in Vancouver Canada, and I don’t want to go online shopping. So, unless the website has a store that I can actually walk into, don’t mention it please. If you’re not sure whether I’d have the store here or not, mention it anyway, I live close to the border, so I could go to the states (Seattle) easily.
@Ally: Aww man! I’m suuuuure I could wear something other than heels (that would look good) I just need to figure out what that “something” else is….
@ i.heart.u – I’ll definitely look for some nice black flats. I’ll give a wedge a try too; see how I like it. And thanks, I DO need to stop caring about how short I look, ’cause it really doesn’t matter =)

lizzyrose cropped Your Questions About High Heels Online Canada

Our pick of the answers:

My friend wore that exact dress, but floor length for winter formal. Its REALLY pretty =)

for shoes, try anything black
i kno u don’t like heels, but maybe u can try wedges, they help give better arch support.
If not, black flats will be fine. But make sure its the shiny “patent” type, not the fabric black flats.. The gloss makes it more formal for this event

ps: who cares if u look short?!
Make the best of your prom, no matter what you wear!! =D

Mary Your Questions About High Heels Online Canada

Mary asks…

i told him i liked him. now i’m not too sure anymore.?

so recently (as in like 4 days ago), i told my crush that i liked him. mind you we don’t know each other in real life… *cough*
this guy is head over heels for me. and i really mean it. he tells me how much he loves me everyday, and says how he’s never felt so happy before. but his happiness compared to mine…well, i dont know if i even feel happy. the first day i confessed to him i THOUGHT i really liked him. i was totally full of plenty of joy. like. i felt like the happiest person on earth. now those emotions feel so dead. :s almost as if everything is forced? i dont wanna crush his heart though…maybe i’m going through a phase? perhaps i dont like it now, but will eventually grow with it later? shit. i regret everything so much. -.- i really, really, really dont want to break his heart. he said he’s never felt this way before. we’ve known each other for 5 months by the way. i dont think i realized i liked him until that day i confessed to him? other than that, it was all unsure feelings. honestly all i feel like doing is to just ‘run away’ and stop talking to him online. :/ no one else knows about our relationship btw.
oh, and i dont think it would really work out anyways…he lives on the other end of america, while i live on the other end of canada. icon neutral Your Questions About High Heels Online Canada plus he’s 18 (in college) while i’m 14 (in high school). *coughcough* yeah i thought the age gap didnt mean much but now it’s kinda a huge concern to me.

i really dont want to make him feel super depressed… icon sad Your Questions About High Heels Online Canada and generally in the past he has been pissed off/depressed quite a bit, but about other things (work, school….blahblah).
i feel so pressured….
>_> mind you i’ve never been in a relationship, so this is the first time i’ve ever experienced stuff like this.

lizzyrose cropped Your Questions About High Heels Online Canada

Our pick of the answers:

I say just break this one’s heart. You can’t keep pretending to like him just so you don’t hurt his feelings. He’ll get over it, they always do. I don’t think you should be with him though, from what you’ve said here. End it.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE answer mine!? Thanks!

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