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Your Questions About High Heels Online Cheap

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Laura Your Questions About High Heels Online Cheap

Laura asks…

Good place to buy oxford heels?

Does anyone know a place to get some nice oxford stiletto heels online? Preferably something at least mid-grade like Guess, S. Madden, etc, maybe even some higher-end designer lines. Nothing cheap like 21 or fetishy like Pleaser please!

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Our pick of the answers:

I just love the Lady Derby booties from Louboutin: http://www.mytheresa.com/us_en/lady-deerby-120-booties-79257.html
They have such a cute peep-toe and the most elegant of heels!
Not cheap I’m afraid, but you were asking for high-end designer shoes.
However, oxfords seem to be mostly a fall item, and I’m sure you’ll find a much larger choice from august onwards.
Good luck!

Mandy Your Questions About High Heels Online Cheap

Mandy asks…

I actually have 2 questions please read! Thanks?

So i was wondering where can you buy padded underwear to make your butt bigger or butt pads, i want too buy it from a store not online. I want them to buy under $30 if possible. My butt is small and doesn’t fill out my jeans that well so i need some butt pads. Just answer this if you know any place and please be serious! This is my second question: Where can you buy cute high heels in Valley river or gateway mall both malls in (Eugene Oregon) for cheap. Like under 25 dollars. I don’t want to buy high heels online.

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Our pick of the answers:

Do you not want to buy heels online for fear that the won’t fit or you won’t like them in person and will have to pay to ship them back? I am asking because I used to be the SAME way, until I found two shoe sites where shipping is FREE for orders AND returns. It’s great – you never have to worry!
Also, I am broke so I understand that you want to buy shoes that are under $25 but if PLEASE don’t do it to yourself – especially with heels. The reason I say this is because they are often made so cheaply that they break. There are usually glue on them, uneven seems, deformed foot cutout, etc. Not to mention the serious foot problems you could end up living with for the rest of your life.

Anyway, the shoes on these sites below are just a little bit more expensive then you were looking to spend. Every single shoe is $39.95 – there are also numerous promotions, points per item that add up to free pairs, 20% off promo codes, and also sales from time to time.

Http://www.shoedazzle.com/invite/1mxkh4fmrl – Shoedazzle

http://www.justfab.com/invite/20484/ – JustFab

Do you use Facebook? If so, what you can do is go to both of their FB pages and like them. On the FB pages we (all the members) post pictures of the shoes we are thinking about purchasing (for opinions from others) as well as post to the wall any feedback (sizing, quality, styling, etc) or questions we may have.
If you sign up using those links you get a discount off of your first order. ALL shoes are $39.95 per pair, free exchanges including shipping both ways. They have up to a size 11. Every month on the first of the month you get a selection of shoes sent to you. If you like something you buy, if you don’t you simply skip the month. There is no commitment to buy anything, ever!

They gets new styles each month based on the season, trends, etc.

Both sites are awesome. I’ve been an SD member for two years, and a JF member for a little over one year (Personally I like JF better). Feel free to contact me if you have any questions whatsoever!

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