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Your Questions About High Heels Online Cheap

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Donna Your Questions About High Heels Online Cheap

Donna asks…

can you help me?… over scam sites buying online…?

i wanted to buy these..


or these


so i came on here asking which should i choose to buy and some one answered me back telling me that the sites are most likely scam sites ..

well this is what he said … “I like the first pair, but I advise that you buy none of these.
All of the websites you’ve provided are likely scam sites. Once they get your money, it is more than likely that you will not receive a product. If you even receive one, it will be a counterfeit one.
Go to the second page’s contact us. You receive a 404 error, meaning that the webpage is not found. Also, if you look under the directory, they sell Nike heels, which are fake Nikes. Nike has never made any kind of sneaker heels, and any website selling any is selling counterfeit. Like the cliche goes, once a liar, always a liar. It is more likely than unlikely that anything sold on the second website is authentic, due to it’s lack of professional appearance, counterfeit goods, and lack of contact information.
Also, the other two sites (the first and last one) appear to sell counterfeit goods as well. I personally have never seen any of the Nikes offered on the first website, in addition to the fact that the site has many punctuation and grammatical errors (Writing each word in caps on the front page: “Nike Dunks,Nike Sb Dunks For Sale!Save Up To 30%-70%! Dunk-Shop.Com Provide You Wide Variety Of Custom Nike Dunks,Fast Delivery And Good Customer Service Are Bring To You!We Guarantee 100% Secure Payment,100% Cheap Price And 100% High Quality.Every Customer’s Satisfaction Is Our Pursue,Just Feel Free To Buy Products On Our Website.We Will Take You The Best Product And The Happy Of Shopping.”, poor grammar.) A reputable and professional website would not do this. Not to mention, their only method of contact is email, emails that they likely do not reply to.
Lastly, the last site does the same as the first, minus the plethora of grammatical errors. However, it seems as though they sell limited edition shoes in high quantities. Nike would not make large quantities of limited edition items, that’s the purpose of limited edition-ness. Also, it appears that everything on this website is at least 50% off. If it sounds too good to be true, it often is”

so i checked and they both when i went to contact us both site ONLY had an email adress for me to contact. im devostated ive been looking forward to buying one or these pair of trainers and nw someones telling me it could be a scam icon sad Your Questions About High Heels Online Cheap so i guess i just want abit more info on weather these sites could be a scam, im so hoping there not cos ive been searching for weeks for trainers like these
so JUST because the only way i can ontact them is buy email DOES this mean there scam sites PLEASE HELP!!!!

lizzyrose cropped Your Questions About High Heels Online Cheap

Our pick of the answers:

You gave me a $hitty answer on my question, but i’m gonna help you out.
I would say, that the site is fake and probably is trying to get your money. But, you could find a way to contact Nike and see if they supply that website with their shoes. If they don’t, then its alllllll bullcrap.
But i’d say don’t even waste your time. Its not a real site.

Carol Your Questions About High Heels Online Cheap

Carol asks…

Designer Shopping. Missoni. Shoes. Skirts. Pls suggest good shopping sites?

Hi, I hope you can help. I urgently need to renew my wardrobe but unfortunately cannot find decent shopping sites (I live on a small Island and the shopping is limited, so the best way to shop is online). Can you please suggest any websites where I can find quality clothes and shoes. As an example, I really like Missoni skirts or Diane von Furstenberg but the only site I found them does not deliver to UK. I only wear high heel shoes but when I search Google or Yahoo for high heels it only brings fetish sites. I am prepared to pay between $200-$400 (£150-£250) for boots or shoes and the same for clothes. Basically not too cheap and not too expensive. So, if you have any suggestions please help. Even if they don’t deliver to UK I will find way of getting it across, it is only question of finding the right site. If you know any nice boutiques, that do feminine, sexy and classic clothes, cashmere sweaters, quality shoes please let me know and I will be grateful forever. xxx

lizzyrose cropped Your Questions About High Heels Online Cheap

Our pick of the answers:

I think you should try Ebay. Do they have malls where you live? Cuz if they dont i feel baad for u cuz i couldnt live w/o the mall ! Lol I think EBAY would be the best bet to finding what you want. Good Luck!!

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