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Carol Your Questions About High Heels Online Cheap

Carol asks…

What shoes would go with this dress?

I really need shoes I can order online very quickly, to go with this dress. Heels, and not so high that I can’t walk. Probably black, and probably plain. But I really don’t know. Ideas would be appreciated. icon smile Your Questions About High Heels Online Cheap
Also, heels as cheap as possible would be nice, as the dress cost too much.

If you’re feeling really helpful, a clutch that goes might be nice. But the shoes are a must. ASAP.

Thanks in advance! xx

Here’s the dress:


It’s prettier and a slightly different pink in person…

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Our pick of the answers:

Firstly, may i say gorgeous dress choice!
Secondly, depending on the occasion and look you are going for, depends on the shoes, they dont have to match completely and you can add accessories to emphasise the outfit for more formal occasions which also match the shoes, below are some links to shoes that i would consider wearing,


these are not too high, and the black will match the collar and trim of the dress, with the jewls adding to the look and also matching the pink, if you struggle walking in heels, these are a must as the straps around your feet look great and provide that extra support when walking!
However, at £30 they are not so cheap but a great investment and a gorgeous pair of shoes which can be worn time after time with many other outfits!
If you wanted something a little less courageouss, and a little more simple, try the link below,


black, plain, and simple, with the added twist of the straps, again giving extra support when walking and looking stunning on your feet also, at only £15, not a bad deal and the website is more than reliable with always great products and fast delivery. Hope iv been of help. Let me know if you need anything else.

Mandy Your Questions About High Heels Online Cheap

Mandy asks…

My life as an accessory, ?? Clothing question?

I’m looking for a new style that guys will soo drool one, and i’d like it to be down after christmas break which im pretty sure i get 2 weeks off for that. now im not the popular type but i’ve always fell in love with some of there clothing. the new style im looking for is rich girl. im not rich nor am i trying to give off the impression that im rich. i do have money though.

im into scarves, the high heel boots even sometimes sunglasses. i don’t wear make up though, i perfure the natrual look,
now here’s where my question comes into play. im getting new clothes every few weeks i guess or something new at least. but i need to find some cheap stores, perfurable online so i can check out what they have, and get them delivered to me.

I also want some tips on outfits, i never put patterns on patterns, i also have a list of things i need although with you’re guys help im sure i could find everything without writing the whole list down, but ya. could you make sure that there’s an official site that i can order from. anything addition that you think i should know or really anything, please include. thanks in advanced

lizzyrose cropped Your Questions About High Heels Online Cheap

Our pick of the answers:

Try stussy clothing.

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