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Your Questions About High Heels Online Cheap

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Ruth Your Questions About High Heels Online Cheap

Ruth asks…

Can you help me with shoes?

Hi! My dad just gave me 85 dollars for my birthday and I need high heels. I’m looking for my dream shoes. All my high heels are black so they need to be in another color than black. Heels: 3 inches, stiletto heels. I would love if they had leopard print but if they don’t that’s okay. It can’t cost me more that 85 dollar (shoes and shipping). Can you help me find shoes like that? I need to buy them online. Somewhere safe. Can you tell me about some good websites where I can buy cheap shoes, a safe website? Thank you!! <3

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There are more on charlotterusse! But only 10 links max.
Here are a few picks icon smile Your Questions About High Heels Online Cheap

Maria Your Questions About High Heels Online Cheap

Maria asks…

Should I back out of the bet?

I was teasing my girlfriend about her inability to wear high heels. (She can’t even walk down the hall in 5 inch heels.) She bet me that I couldn’t wear 5 inch heels for a whole day (10:00 AM to 10:00 PM). If I she wins then I can not say anything about her footwear for a year. If I make it then she agreed to do something she has never done before (BJ).
Obviously that peaked my interest and I agreed.
We found the cheapest ones we could find online.


Can I make it? She says if I take them off for a second I lose. Plus I’m not sure how I’m going to walk my dog. Should I back out? HELP

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Our pick of the answers:

That is a really dumb bet… I would never do it… If you end up deciding to do it you should put bandaids on your toes and your heels and stuff so you dont get any blisteras… If a bj is really thst imprtant to you then go ahead

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