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Your Questions About High Heels Online Shopping

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Linda Your Questions About High Heels Online Shopping

Linda asks…

my boyfriend says No dresses,skirts, or high heels?

When I read magazine’s like Cosmopolitan,watch tv shows like Gossip Girl and Shop Online…I sometimes want to wear the clothes I see. My Boyfriend is okay with me wearing short shorts but he does not like sundresses and skirts. I Hope he will one day be okay with it but at this moment he is not okay with dresses and skirts and not even high heels!

We once had a bad fight about me wearing make up and he finally got over it but sometimes he says a comment about me not needing to wear make up like lip gloss,eyeliner,bronzer,self tanner etc…
Will he change or most likely always give me a hard time? no matter what he will always have the prettiest girlfriend out of all his friends, I think he is just young and one day will be okay with me wearing dresses but for now he is only okay with short shorts and jean pants…
I agree and understand with the girl that said ” He doesnt like you wearing stuff like that because he doesnt want you to look attractive incase other men look at you. ”

but why can’t he change and learn to appreciate my beauty and looking beautiful in a sundress with heels? If he knows I look beautiful/sexy in the super short shorts then how can a dress or skirt seem too sexy? to me the super shorts shorts are too sexy and I would think a sundress is better.

I still think he will eventually be okay with me wearing dresses and skirts when I am older and he just needs time to deal with the fact that guys are going to be attracted to me, just like girls will be attracted to him too.

I would think most guys who have a beautiful girlfriend would want to show her off and maybe he will eventually like if he married me – and he won’t think some guy will try to steal me away from him…

lizzyrose cropped Your Questions About High Heels Online Shopping

Our pick of the answers:

Your opinion is the only one that matters. You don’t need anyone’s permission to do as you please.
Anyway, it’s easy to realize he’s obviously worried about other guys/girls hitting on you.

Just think if women were straight and he could “dress to kill”, how would you cope with it?. Suggest him to do the same and explain to him why.

Hope it helps.

Betty Your Questions About High Heels Online Shopping

Betty asks…

All the women love high heels?

is it really? because air jordan brand on KicksExpress Online Air Jordan Shop which i love is a sport shoes brand,but also has air jordan high heels

very strange@!

lizzyrose cropped Your Questions About High Heels Online Shopping

Our pick of the answers:

Oh, I love air jordans but not high heels,


I prefer to the jordan sneakers there,more comfortable.

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