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Your Questions About High Heels Online Uk

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Sandra Your Questions About High Heels Online Uk

Sandra asks…

Winter 10/11 Fashion : Completley Confused :-/?

Hi icon smile Your Questions About High Heels Online Uk

I’m currently shopping online for my winter wardrobe, but there are far too many choices and I’m just getting frustrated and lost. Please could you help me?

I don’t like frills too much or anything too girly and I normally go for a clean cut look (I adore blazers, skinny jeans and high heels) or a more military look. I also sometimes go for a toned down rock chick sort of look.

I was wondering if anyone had ideas for a couple of outfits for the Winter 10/11 – based on what info I’ve give … pictures and links would be very helpful!!

I’m in the UK and I normally shop at Topshop, River Island, sometimes Hollister, Tommy Hilfiger, Urban Outfitters and similar shops. I’ve also shopped online at Asos and Very occasionally. But, even if you give me links to international stores I don’t mind.

Here are my measurements: (hope they help a little…)

I’m 5″ 6′,
uk size 8 / us size 4.
32dd bra size
my frame is quite small / normal
my BMI is at its highest 20 but usually I’m at the underweight/normal line.
oh and I’ve been told I’m an hourglass shape – but I’m not sure
my face shape is diamond
and I have pretty tanned skin (I’m half indian /half british – leaning more on the indian side)

If you’ve read all of this thank you for bearing with me!

x x x x

lizzyrose cropped Your Questions About High Heels Online Uk

Our pick of the answers:

I would check out the Abercrombie and Fitch “classic looks” section for some clean cut fall/winter clothing ideas. In addition, I love searching through magazines. Go to the bookstore. Sit down with some coffee or tea and just page through a few magazines. They will give you ideas about how to put the outfits you like together and the ads in the magazine are for most of the brands you’ve mentioned.

Start at www.abercrombie.com

also check out www.collegefashion.net, they tell you how to wear all the crazy runway trends in real life.

Lisa Your Questions About High Heels Online Uk

Lisa asks…

Help with American shoe sizes? 10 points for grabs?

I take a size 5 in Uk shoe sizes. I never take above a size 5 I fit into a 5 easily enough I have never had to buy a size 5 and a half or a size 6. The shoes I want to buy online are only available in a USA size 7 and not a 7 and a half which some people advise me to get. The site itself says a Uk size 5 is the same as a USA size 7 but a few people told me to get a 7 and a half but there not available.

Will a USA size 7 fit me? The shoes in question are high heels.
The shoes are available in a USA size 8 also just not a 7 and a half. I don’t know if I should order the size 7 or size 8 if I take a UK size 5. Uk size 5 heels usually fit me fine.

lizzyrose cropped Your Questions About High Heels Online Uk

Our pick of the answers:

All depends on the style so styles run smaller than others

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