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Your Questions About High Heels Online Uk

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Lizzie Your Questions About High Heels Online Uk

Lizzie asks…

A girl boots question! Girls only!?

A girl boots question! Girls only!?

I am a guy and I really want to buy and wear girls boots. High heel boots or not that high heeled but from the girls section. Like I am really into fashion and I have my own style and everything. My friend who is a she always tells me that I look good with what I wear. I sometimes wear cowboy boots. I have this cowboy boots that are brown and really nice but there for guys and I have this fashionable men boots from Thano too. I still like guys boots but they have to be really nice and fashionable for me to like. I also have this long cowboy boots but they are from the girls section and they used to be my moms until she gave them to me cause she didn’t want them. They don’t go up to my knee but they are almost up there. I wear this one and the brown ones with nice jeans. I wear girl jeans lots of times and I wear them with skinny flared, flares or just boot cut and I wear the fashionable mens boots from Thano with skinny jeans. They all look good since I have a good style and I know what to wear them with. I recently started to want to wear girl boots not like stilettos or anything but high heel ones so I can wear with my flares and skinny flares. The boots have to go to the ankle too or maybe a quarter close to the knee but nothing that long going up to the knee. I prefer to the ankle though but high heeled and the heels would not really show since I will be wearing them with flares, skinny flared or wide leg skinny fit jeans. Is that ok? I am not gay by the way, I just want to try something new and I know it will look good. I don’t like all the girl boots. The girl boots has to be a particular style that I like.

Please no hate or I will report you.

No insults or I will report you.

Or maybe wedges can work too.

Bill Kaulitz from Tokio hotel wears them.

If you are against me in wearing girl jeans and express your hate, I will report you.

My mom doesn’t want me to wear high heel boots and she has two pair of boots, one grey and one brown but I want the brown ones but she won’t let me wear them cause to her guys can’t wear high heel boots from the girls section.

The boots that she has are like this one but in grey and brown and no zipper. They have the same heel to it and its almost the same style.


I have tried on the grey one and it looks awesome with my flares. If I decide to buy them it is really hard to find them in a store and I can’t buy online.
The boots that I want are the ones I showed you in the link. That style.
So where can I find boots like that?
I really want those boots. It what made me ask this question.
I don’t trust buying online and my mom bought them at urban planet but that store was closing and no other girl stores has those boots.
Wow! Those are really nice Savi.

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Our pick of the answers:


i found these ones at Nordstrom but that’s all i can really think of. Hope it helped icon smile Your Questions About High Heels Online Uk

Jenny Your Questions About High Heels Online Uk

Jenny asks…

What colour accessories to wear with my gold prom dress?

this is my prom dress (but in gold)


what shoes could i wear with it? (links to shoes online would be great!)

i like these: http://www.office.co.uk/womens/office/a_starry_night/37/11115/30641/1?fs=11115

but i wanted something a bit more interesting and different. i would prefer the shoes to be high heel, please don’t suggest anything too bright or blue, with kitten heels or pointy toes (i despise them haha)

thank you xx

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Our pick of the answers:

First Of all thats a Beautiful Dress i say stick with Gold Accessories And Gold heels any kind peep toe, opened, closed it’s up to you Hope That Helped

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