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Your Questions About High Heels Online Uk

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Donna Your Questions About High Heels Online Uk

Donna asks…

A online store in the UK that sells mid heeled shoes?

aren’t too high but aren’t really low heels and ae good for teen girls to wear, e.g new look but I have looked there

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Our pick of the answers:

Marks And Spencers
Boohoo – My favorite site

Betty Your Questions About High Heels Online Uk

Betty asks…

Finding high-top boots to fit legs with a larger circumference in the UK?

I desperately want to get some calf-high boots, preferably without a heel. The problem is, my legs arn’t slim, and I don’t know how to find boots to fit my larger leg.

I am a little overweight, and my legs have the added disadvantage of being quite muscley (I used to cycle)


I want to find something similar to this, but maybe a little more feminine. I don’t want a high heel, but a slight heel and flats would be fine.

Does anyone know where I can find boots that will fit my legs in the UK or online? How would I measure my circumference, and do retailers cater for people with larger legs? What sizes do they use, if they do? I’m a size 5 (UK) boot and shoe.

Also, if I cannot find a boot with enough room for me, do you think it would look alright for me to wear a boot with the top not done up? Could I somehow make that look good on me? (with opaque tights, for instance!)

Any suggestions and help would be very welcome!
Hmmm.. I actually want some boots that are a little higher up the leg than the picture I linked too.. more towards my knee.

Just thought I’d mention incase it made a difference xD

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Our pick of the answers:

I do know a little about sizing in leather. If you wet the leather boot and work it closed it will stretch and conform to the size of your foot and leg. This also works with pants, belts and bustiers. I spent some time in my youth as a butcher and I hunted when I was younger.
I hope that helps a little.
Good luck

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