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Your Questions About High Heels With Red Bottoms

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Linda Your Questions About High Heels With Red Bottoms

Linda asks…

What kind of high heels is sarah jessica parker wearing in this picture?


lizzyrose cropped Your Questions About High Heels With Red Bottoms

Our pick of the answers:

Charlotte Olympia Metallic Ribbed Heel Dolly Pumps.
I know that’s the Charlotte Olympia spider web logo on the bottom of the sole…

The red carpet and camera flash makes it look red…


and I’m pretty sure this is the shoe style…


They cost about $950 but you can get a similar style by BCBGirl for under $150.


Lisa Your Questions About High Heels With Red Bottoms

Lisa asks…

question on heels…..?

okay, so i wanna start wearing heels more.
i think they look sexy on a girl but i never really wear them on average days.
all the heels i have leave red wounds on my heels, or open wounds on the top of my foot.

jw..is this normal?
i know heels arent the most comfortable thing, but thre not ALL supposed to leave physical blisters are they??
anyone know why this might be happening, i wear my regular sneaker size..so they fit.
also, anyone know of any “relatively comfy” heels. or ones that you wear that arent too bad?

thanks =]

lizzyrose cropped Your Questions About High Heels With Red Bottoms

Our pick of the answers:

Finding a comfy pair of heels is like finding the perfect man, it’s damn near impossible. Main reason being that heels put not only your feet, but your back into an unnatural posture. All of your body weight is evenly distributed to many points of the foot in sneakers and most flat shoes, where heels force all the weight to the toes and the ball of your foot. This can scrunch your toes and leave blisters and other wounds. The higher the heel the worse the pressure to the front of your foot.

I have bought and returned or sold or just outright thrown away countless pairs of cute but painful shoes. I have found out this much in my search:

Wedge heels, although not as sexy as other heel shoes are much more comfy and pad the bottom of your feet better.

Wider styles with open toes alleviate the toe blister problem.

In some cases open back heels or sling-backs help, because if your feet start to swell, they have a little more give in the back and room to move. No harsh ankle blisters.

Heeled boots instead of just heeled shoes offer more ankle support and usually a more comfy soft inside.

And last but not least be prepared to dish out a few extra bucks. Although some cheap shoes can still be good, you will have to spend a little more to get things like good arch support.

Keep in mind you may be different sizes in different shoes and may even have to seek out a wide width size in some heels, because some brands and styles can be unreasonably narrow.

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