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Your Questions About High Heels Without Heel

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Ruth Your Questions About High Heels Without Heel

Ruth asks…

Girls: High Heels Questions!?

Question 1 – Do all girls’ feet still hurt no matter how long they have been wearing heels for?

Question 2 – What is the highest heel you own?

Question 3 – what is the highest heel height you can walk in?

Question 4 – How long did it take you to learn to walk in heels/how long did it take to break the heels in?

Question 5 – What is your favourite type of high heel shoe?

Thanks for the answers!

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Our pick of the answers:

Interesting questions. Here we go.

1. Not really.
Heels depends invidually and ALL heels are created differently so its hard to say. The details of the heel styles also make a huge difference, like whether they have rounded vs pointed toe.
It took a few years before I could walk in stilettos, I went by the baby-step method. Starting off with a low chunky heel (boot/puppy/block heel), then wedge, the kitten heel stiletto, then high heel wedge and then high heel stilettos. Thats how I learned to walk in higher heels. icon razz Your Questions About High Heels Without Heel

2. 4.4″ stiletto peep-toe pumps:


3~4. Well, It depends on the heel style. Ive no problem walking in wedge kind of heels of any heel height. For skinny heels I prefer 2-3″ ones. Ive still problem walking in my 4.4″ stilettos. Because Ive onl worn heels for 2 years now (im 24).

In my opinion and experiences, no matter what shoes a person buy, you can NOT break them in. Heels should be tryied on in the afternoon or after you’ve been walking a lot, because our feets get swollen after a while. Buying heels in the morning or early, you’ll end up buying heels that are too small for your feet. It also better to buy slightly bigger heels, enough space so that you can insert insoles/cushion/pads in them later. I always wear cushion/insoles with my shoes/boots/heels.
Also, heels should be comfortable the first time you’re trying them out, because there is a huge chance they wont be comfortable later no matter how much you wear them. If you get blister after walking in them a couple of times, you can always put in cushions/gel pads/double-tape where they hurt your feet.

The heels I showed in the link above, they were comfortable as soon I got them, it feeled like i worn flats when standing up. I didnt need to break them in. I only need to practice how to walk in them, because my legs cant handle that heel height so well yet.

Heels with one or several of these details:
open toe, rounded toe, square toe,
with slight platform on the ball of the feet (underneath your toes)
support (pumps/boots/shoe/sling-back style rather than strappy heels or mule/clog/slide), chunkier/wedge type of heel,
With these details, they are MUCH more comfortable to wear and walk in.
I bought my 4.4″ pumps because they have 0.5″ inch platform, peep-toe, cover the heel of the foot and straps.

5. High Heel Wedgies and Kitten heel pumps. Because they are so verstile and works with almost anything else without looking like you tryied to hard-territory. icon biggrin Your Questions About High Heels Without Heel



….and your welcome. XD

Mary Your Questions About High Heels Without Heel

Mary asks…

who LOVES high heels?

i’m obsessed with heels!!! i swear i wear them almost everyday:] i think they’re a woman’s best friend

lizzyrose cropped Your Questions About High Heels Without Heel

Our pick of the answers:

Heels truly are a girls best friend – flats are truly disgusting. I wear heels all the time, and am sooo much more comfortable in them. I truly love the way a pair of feminine, unbelievably high, thin stiletto heels make my legs and feet look – soo utterly delicate, extremely sophisticated and unabashedly sexy. Heels improve your posture, and give a very sensual wiggly to your walk. With each diminutive step, my slim hips sway soo incredibly seductively. ( I’m the one you’d see in the grocery store line in unbelievably tall absolutely drop dead gorgeous couture stiletto mules, my impeccably polished toes absolutely slathered in expensive gold and diamond toe rings, an extremely large two caret diamond solitaire toe ring on my fourth toe ( it is so very decadent, the large diamond is set high and absolutely dwarfs my fourth toe) and a very heavy diamond tennis bracelet around one of my slim ankles) I love all the wonderful attention I receive from men because of my choice of footwear, I never have to open doors or pull out a chair, men sense my glamorous predicament and assist me. I’ve been wearing heels for so long that I absolutely cannot wear flats – they simply hurt when I try to walk in them. A 4 inch heel for me is actually quite normal. Wearing heels all the time is actually quite an expensive extravagance, (designer shoes, hosiery, thrice weekly pedicures,massages, jewelry etc) but to me it is so worth it. . Conversations absolutely stop when I ever so slowly stroll into a room precariously perched atop a pair of expensive, unimaginably tall, strappy stiletto sandals, the soft evening lights absolutely glimmering off my utterly luxe diamond toe jewelry and expensive anklets, My feet look so completely fragile and so incredibly elegant, The time spent aloft atop my indescribably delicate extremely, precarious stilettos must be savoured , I am the absolute center of attention as I ever so slowly float past precariously perched atop my breathtakingly magnificent heels. Men turn and admire me and pay extra attention to meThese shoes aren’t about comfort, they are about boosting the feminine ego. Even after 5 years of wearing stilettos, I still feel so vulnerable, and unsteady, yet enchantingly glamorous and confident of myself while wearing my heels.

Some women, however, make light of my total commitment to wearing fashionable, feminine stilettos. Most women just don’t understand why I put up with the slight discomfort, and the self imposed limitations to my mobility caused by my choice of footwear. As you know, stairways, escalators uneven surfaces, cracks and gaps in the sidewalk, loose carpeting, and slick flooring all are potentially dangerous obstacles that a committed heel wearer must overcome at each and every turn throughout the day. I truly am disgusted by women that don’t respect MY CHOICE of pampering myself with fashionable, feminine stilettos.

Even with the discomfort, the mobility limitations, and the occasional snide comments from women, my choice to wear heels is worth it knowing that men feel that I’m the most feminine, alluring, and desirable creature in the room! It’s a feeling that most women will never experience, because so few women choose to wear these wonderful creations. I cannot imagine life without my heels; they are a large part of my persona!

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