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Your Questions About Jessica Simpson Shoes Online

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Lizzie Your Questions About Jessica Simpson Shoes Online

Lizzie asks…

Quick asap where to get the tstrap chain sandal shoes?

looked everywhere?where online? vs used to have but i dunno know this is NO Joke thank you

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Our pick of the answers:

Try Nine West. Nine West can be a bit pricey but they have really cute ones. If you want a cheaper pair that still have the glamour try Macys. Macys has greeeeat shoes, and Jessica Simpson made some cute chain t strap sandals that she sold at Macys. And if you want to go EVEN cheaper try somewhere like Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Wet Seal, or hell, maybe even Payless.

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Sandra Your Questions About Jessica Simpson Shoes Online

Sandra asks…

Buying shoes for my girlfriend?

I need a little help from the women of the world. Every time I’ve gone shopping with my girlfriend she has always taken time to look for shoes that she likes. She has a very specific shoe in mind and she can never quite find the right pair. I’m trying to surprise her with them, but I’m finding it very difficult to find just the right ones, and I know to her every detail is important.
This is what I know as far as the specifics go.
-a color that I can’t name but to me it seems light pinkish, and I believe it falls under the beige family of colors.
-closed toes that are squared. I’m not sure if that’s what it’s called but she doesn’t want the rounded or pointed toes.
-I’m not sure what the material is called, but it’s the smooth, shiny stuff. (Sorry if there is more than one smooth shiny material)

As you can tell I’m not great at this but it means a lot to me to get this right. If anyone knows of shoes like this, would you please post the link? Also, can anyone tell me a good website or store that would be in Arizona where I can look for these shoes. Or is there any way to get shoes custom-made that doesn’t cost too much? (I’m a college student, so I’m hoping I won’t need to spend $500 to get these, although if you have found them at any price I would still appreciate it if you posted the link.

Thank you so, so much for any help I get. Like I said this means a lot to me. icon smile Your Questions About Jessica Simpson Shoes Online

p.s. if anyone has an idea of what that color might be called would you let me know?
and if you need any more details please ask and I’ll do my best to figure it out : )
I have found something that resembles the shoe I need in this: http://www.bigshoezam.com.au/VIV-Pump-p/110409.htm?1=1&CartID=0

However, I can’t tell if the toe is squared or not, and the maker of these shoes only makes large sizes. My girlfriend wears either a 5.5 or 6 depending on the shoe.

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Our pick of the answers:

The black patent leather (sometimes referred to as ‘snip-toed’) pumps are v-e-r-y cute. There isn’t a woman in the world that would NOT like/love them.

You’re looking for:
Nude/Sand patent leather, snip-toed, low platform with 5 inch heel pumps.

The color you’re looking for (has been popular and very ‘in’ for at least 1 1/2 yrs now) is either referred to as “flesh”, “nude”, “sand”, “tan~taupe” or very light tan. Patent leather is the ultra shiny (almost wet look).

Shoes are (generally) a difficult purchase for one to gift another, since all shoes should be tried on by the would-be wearer, to make sure of fit and comfort. If you DO end up buying a pair of shoes, I would recommend buying them at a local dept. Store w/a decent return/exchange policy. There’s nothing worse than when someone has gifted you something that has to be exchanged (or just won’t work for whatever reason)..but they feel the need to hide the fact to the gifter (for fear they will offend him/her). If it’s a local dept. Store and she could easily take them in, herself..and exchange/return them (if need be), it would be far less of a hassle than trying to do this online. (it isn’t that online sales don’t ever grant returns/exchanges but that starts to get tricky) as it would be on your credit card..and she would have to do all of this with your billing info vs. Her own.

Far be it from me to look a gift horse in the mouth (and if it sounds as if I or any other woman would be ungrateful for a wonderful gift..it isn’t TRUE!) but facts are facts. Returning an item that for all intent and purpose SHOULD BE tried on before buying..and trying to land on the proper fit..deal with online sales or sales personnel re: an exchange is a whole lot of work, time, and even in the best of situations, can be extremely nerve wracking. If she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings by exchanging ill-fitting, gifted shoes = will make her feel uncomfortable. You don’t want that.

A large dept store (such as Nordstrom, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus, Sacks 5th Avenue, or even other larger department stores like JC Penney’s, Sears, etc. (maybe even Target) will have lower priced versions of the shoe in question. If you go with her, she tries them on..decides she loves them..and you quickly sprint over to the register and pay for them..THAT would be the best gift, ever for her.

The good thing about that particular shoe (design, heel height, the nude patent leather color) have been popular for a while now = all of the other shoe manufacturers copying the original design. While Christian Louboutin, and Jimmy Choo make these shoes..at this point in time, so do many other shoe manufacturers out there = find-able at many stores. Jessica Simpson, Steve Madden, Nine West, etc..will all have a version of this pump. I KNOW Macy’s, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom have them.

That extremely shiny surface doesn’t lend itself to stretching. If it’s too small, it will STAY too small,(in most cases). That black pump is available in the nude/sand color and in case you’re wondering..that IS what she is describing. The current version of the flat-toe shoe for women does have that slightly squared off toe. Some are snipped at the tip (revealing a tiny peek at a couple of toes) and the other (closed-toe versions) are exactly like the black one.

It’s what would be called a “moderate” platform. It isn’t at all extreme or “too much” = tacky or tarted up (as other extreme platforms and heels can appear to be). Those are more refined and beautiful. You were wondering if those were squared enough and that IS what the updated, current square toe pump looks like. BUT they have to fit properly.

Most females walk with a semi-Frankenstein-esque gate whilst wearing ultra high platforms/heels. Ever see Victoria Beckham walk when in very high heels..? She’s trying to tiptoe past the annoying paparazzi..and (looks as if) she’s fearful of toppling over in the shuffle. It makes everyone cringe to see anyone struggling with their shoes in that manner. Cracking an ankle for the sake of fashion is a no-no.

I recommend going with her and being the dutiful bf, who sits, patiently..with a pleasant look on your face and a couple of chilled bottles of water in a tote bag..so you can watch her try on shoe after shoe (until she lands on the “right” pair). Tell her she looks gorgeous in ALL of them and remind her (periodically) how important it is that they be comfortable as well as cute. As soon as she smiles and says “I LOVE these”; scurry over and pay for them before she gets to the register. (Sales associates love it when men do this and will gladly swipe YOUR card vs. Hers). They will likely hand over their business card for any/all future shopping needs.

You’re a very sweet bf and honestly..it IS the thought that counts..it really is. So many bf’s just wouldn’t even TRY to locate the perfect shoe for their gf. Well done.

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