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Your Questions About Ladies Shoes Size 11

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Sharon Your Questions About Ladies Shoes Size 11

Sharon asks…

Shoes….10 points!?

I am a 15 year old girl with size 11 feet. It is really hard to find cute shoes in this size. 10 points to the person who helps the most! Lots of pictures would be great!

1. Sneakers-Skate shoes
I like Etnies, Vans, DC. However, I know that Etnies make my feet look even bigger. What about Vans and DC shoes? What other shoes would I like?

2. Slip ons- pictures please

3. Flats/ Lady janes. What would look best with skinny jeans?
pictures please

4. Flip flops/sandals- I have everyday ones, anyone have pics of nice but still casual ones.

5. Not about shoes but I heard that if you have big feet, you will most likely be tall. Is this true I am 15 and 5’6″ish. My mom is 5’7” and my dad is 6’1”. How tall will I be?

lizzyrose cropped Your Questions About Ladies Shoes Size 11

Our pick of the answers:

1. In my experience most skate shoes make your feet look bigger which sucks I think its because they have so much padding.
2. I know it looks like these would make your feet look longer but if you have a Nordstrom by you or a department store similar go try some on ( I’m a size 10 and have the same problem but I love the way these look on me)
these will work for flats and slip ons there are many variations try to stick with something that just covers your toes and not much farther


4. I know they look pretty ugly but the crocs are really in style right now and they are pretty comfortable and you can find them in mary jane styles and plain flip flop styles, other than that I think flip flops and sandals are more of a try on thing, certain sandals can make ur foot look fat and some can make them look slimmer ( just a tip: when you try on a sandal look in the mirror and see what it does to the definition of your calves and ankles some make them look bigger and some make them look nice and toned)
5. Not necessarily true, I’m 5’5″ and I’m 22 so I think I won’t grow anymore, my mom is 5’1″ and my dad is about 5’8″ …. You’ll probably be a little taller than your mom, you have about another year and a half to grow

Hope this helped, I know its hard, Good luck!!

Lisa Your Questions About Ladies Shoes Size 11

Lisa asks…

Would you date me?????

Well I actually have 3 wives and 1 child and 2 scorpion pets (who sometimes get out of their cage but I put them back eventually). One wife left me because she said I was “arrogant, disgusting, and racist” which I thought was pretty cruel of her to say to me.

Oh yeah, I forgot……..I’m 16, I wear loose pants (I think you ladies will find that quite sexy), and I wear size 11 shoes. I’m a swimmer too. And I catch spiders for fun, and also love eating peas, even for breakfast. I love watching Animal channel too..

So would you be my girlfriend for my personal enjoyment?

lizzyrose cropped Your Questions About Ladies Shoes Size 11

Our pick of the answers:

Ha u lier theres no way u could be married at 16
so r u having fun

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