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Your Questions About Ladies Shoes Size 12

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Laura Your Questions About Ladies Shoes Size 12

Laura asks…

which are the best places to shop in singapore ?

how is little india , what is is all about ? what is orchiad street ?

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Our pick of the answers:

If you want to buy clothes & you’re larger than aussie ladies size 12 – forget it!
Little india is full of indian shops with men in the doorways trying to get you to come in and have a suit made to measure. Also good indian food & shoes.
Orchard road is beautiful & very high priced with “name brands” from all over the world. Very glitzy & can be very expensive.
China town is overpriced.
Boogie street night markets are very good for cheap souvenirs
street food is wonderful – wherever you go!!! Clean and safe to eat and drink water/tea
lots of electronic goods sold but prices are comparable here in australia & you don’t have to worry about duty.
Booze is very expensive in singapore
don’t bother going to raffles hotel for a singapore sling – very overpriced and lousy.
Rail and bus service excellent and cheap.
Have a wonderful time.

Carol Your Questions About Ladies Shoes Size 12

Carol asks…

what should i get for my friends for Christmas?

I’m getting my 2 Best-friends a 3 best friend necklace, but i have about 10 others i want to get something for, im 12, and i need some ideas. and the website or store.

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Our pick of the answers:

My friends and I always to a huge present swap every year and I always get them each the same thing. I try to keep it small and funny too. Last year I gave out personalized charm bracelets one with their last name and another with their first name along with a football mouth guard (for something different). This year I found some awesome deals on these really popular watches and ordered one for each of them, plus I am getting them each a hockey puck with my signature on it. Some other things I have given in the past include
1. Travel sized soaps and lotions with a matching color lip gloss from Bath and Body Works
2. Shoe laces (weird, funny item)
3.These super cute rings from Forever 21
4. Justin Bieber Bracelte that says Bieber Fever ( weird, funny item)
5.Five Dollar Movies, from the Five dollar movie section at Target, a different one for each friend with a box of movie candy
6. Head scratchers from Bed Bath and Beyond
7. Snuggies
8. Pedi Egg from Bed Bath and Beyond
9. Orange Spray on Tan (funny gift, google it)
10. Lady Gaga glasses http://www.sunglasswarehouse.com/lace-fit-over-sunglasses.html

Online Website for watches:


Be creative and think funny!

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