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Your Questions About Ladies Shoes Size 12

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Carol Your Questions About Ladies Shoes Size 12

Carol asks…

Where would I find a plus size Marie Antoinette like Costume?

I am looking for a marie antoinette period costume that is plus size. All I am finding on costume websites are the slutty costumes that are for smaller women. Not that smaller women are slutty its just what the costumes look like, just thought that I would clear that up icon wink Your Questions About Ladies Shoes Size 12
Thank you so much for the help so far I really want one like this second one called saucy Marie but full length:


Oh wow you are so perfect that one on ebay is just what I am looking for thank you so much!!!

lizzyrose cropped Your Questions About Ladies Shoes Size 12

Our pick of the answers:

LOL. I know what you mean. I’m going as a zombie version of Alice in Wonderland this year and the only Alice costume I could find were slutty looking. I eventually just went to Goodwill and bought a blue prom dress and tore it up and resewn it.

I found this site:


Not sure of how good it is as I’ve never purchased there before. They’re pretty expensive as well. The cheapest costume on there is Lady Courtiere Costume and it’s 59.99 and comes in sizes 10-12 & 14-16


^Annies is good. Maybe not for you in what you’re looking for. But look at those shoes! They look like something from the Marie Antoinette movie with Kirsten Dunst.


Another good site. Might work for a Marie Antoinette costume? Reminds me of the outfit she wore in the most famous of her paintings. They also have a lot of the big wigs.

I’ll keep looking and will edit this if I find anything.

Hope I helped! Good luck icon smile Your Questions About Ladies Shoes Size 12

Alright I’ll keep looking for one similar

I’m not sure of your price range but:


She amkes soem really great gowns based off of filsma dn what not. You can even send in a photo of what you want and she’ll costum make it.

I’m still looking. Why does everything have to be so slutty?! *kicks the porn industry*

There’s this in pink, custom made in large or xlarge:

Susan Your Questions About Ladies Shoes Size 12

Susan asks…

Can small shoe keep your feet small as a kid ?

When I was 7 I always love my tennis shoes. My father warned me that I should wear hard shoes to keep my feet from growing. Well stupit me didn’t leason and now as a grown woman now my feet are between a size 11 to 12. I can get away with an openning heel shoe at size 10.

lizzyrose cropped Your Questions About Ladies Shoes Size 12

Our pick of the answers:

First off as a lady with big feet let me say it is not a shame or anything to be embarrassed about. I wear a size 12-13 in a women’s shoe and i am proud of my feet. If i had small feet walking, running, ect.. Would be very awkward and difficult. Shame on your father for saying such things to you as a child, we cannot help the way God made us, and genetics can be a b*tch sometimes. But forcing a kid to wear shoes that are to small is horrible. It can cause all kinds of damage to the nerves and muscles in the feet as well as bunions and other deformities when you get older. As a medical professional i am appauled that someone would tell a child this. My parents always tried to get me the best and cutest shoes they could but lets face it wearing a womens size 10 in 5th grade was hard on me. Luckily as years have gone by the big womens shoe crisis has gotten better. Places like Payless make lots of bigger size shoes some as big as 13W and a lot of athletic shoe companys like New Balance and Saucony make large womens shoes as well. The WNBA has great examples of beautiful women with large feet, embrace your big feet honey, stop trying to change them or hide them. Also i have had good luck with a website called www.designershoes.com they carry large sizes and have nice stuff. Hey think of it this way my little brother who’s 20 wears a size 16 now he has trouble with finding shoes,lol.

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