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Your Questions About Ladies Shoes Size 12

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Nancy Your Questions About Ladies Shoes Size 12

Nancy asks…

Anyone know any pricing for these items in 1928?

Alcohol: Illegal I know, but how much was it?
Rent in NYC:
Coke: (they drank it as a soda then right?)
Nice mens shoes:
Children’s toys:

If my character got paid by the mob to deliver alcohol to Speakeasies about how much would he get paid?

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Our pick of the answers:

Century Eight Cabriole, 2,105.00
Hudson, Roadster, super six, 1,295.00
Oldsmobile, 2 door sedan, 925.00
1926, Essex Coach, 150.00
1921, Overland touring, 50.00
Cadillac, 7 passenger touring, “late model,” 850.00

Boy’s knickers, linen, 1.49-1.98/pair
Boy’s shoes, Oxfords, 2.69-3.85/pair
Children’s coats, Cretonne, 2.00/each
Children’s shoes, 1.95/pair
Men’s coat, showerproof gabardine, 4.95/each
Men’s gold shoes, 7.50-8.50/pair
Men’s hat, straw, 1.95-3.85/each
Men’s shirt, Madras, 1.55/each
Men’s shoes, Oxfords, 3.65/pair
Men’s suit, flannel, 8.95/each
Men’s swimsuit, wool, 4.95/each
Men’s trousers, worsteds, 2.90-4.90/pair
Men’s union suit, .87/each
Tennis shoes, Keds, .98/pair
Women’s bathing suit, Jantzen, 3.45/each
Women’s bloomers, 2.00/pair
Women’s dress, sleeveless flannel, 4.95/each
Women’s shoes, dress, 4.95-6.95/pair

Ladies, sewing aprons, 18.00/dozen aprons
Ladies, sewing smocks, 30.00/week
Men, demonstrating “Amazing Magnetic Trouble Light,” 50.00/10 orders daily
Salesmen, cigars, 175.00/month plus expenses

Food & beverages
Almonds, sugar coated, .49/lb
Bacon, Sunnyfield, sliced, .19/half lb
Bananas, .23/dozen
Beets, Jersey, .06/bunch
Bread, white, .08/loaf
Butter, Luella, .51/lb carton
Candy, chocolates, Sweet Home, .39/lb box
Cantaloupes, .23/two
Cereal, Post Toasties or Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, .07/pkg
Cheese, Kraft, American, .39/lb
Cherries, .23/lb
Chicken, R&R, boned, .50/can
Coffee, High Art, .43/lb tin
Cookies, National Biscuit Company, Oreos, .35/lb
Corn, Asco, .15/can
Corned beef hash, Prudence, .29/can
Duck, Long Island, .28/lb
Eggs, Gold Seal, .42/dozen
Fish, sardines, .25/two cans
Flour, Gold Seal, .29/five lb bag
Ham, Vogt’s Liberty Bell, cooked, .28/lb
Juice, Asco, grape, .23/pint bottle
Lamb chops, .60/lb
Mustard, Princess, .05/tumbler
Olives, Asco, stuffed, .10-.20/bottle
Peaches, Georgia, .25/two lbs
Peanut butter, Asco, .08/tumbler
Pickles, sweet, .39/quart jar
Pork & beans, Asco, .25/three cans
Potatoes, New, .25/15 lbs
Soda, Asco, ginger ale, .25/three bottles
Sugar, .31/five lbs
Tea, ASCO, black, .23/half lb pkg
Tomatoes, .23/two lbs
Watermelon, .59/each
Alarm clock, 2.39-3.39/each
Baby stroller, 13.95/each
Curtains, .87-1.59/pair
Dinnerware, Limoges China, 100 piece setting for 12, 27.50-49.75/set
Iron, electric, 3.69-4.95/each
Laundry detergent, Octagon, Supersuds, .25/three pkgs
Mason jars, .75/pint; .85/quart
Matches, Ohio Blue Tip, .25/six big boxes
Mop, “Betty Bright”, .64/each
Napkins, paper, .25/36 napkins
Plates, paper, “ice cream size,” .03/dozen
Range, gas, 51.75/each
Refrigerator, Frigidaire, 210.00-270.00/each
Rug, Japanese rush, oval, 9′ X 12′, 21.75/each
Sheets, Utica, 72″ X 90″, 1.23-1.69/each
Tea wagon, mahogany finish, 19.50/each
Towels, Cannon, bath, 3.00/six towels
Waffle set, Porcelain, 3.79/set
Waxed paper, Princess, .09/50 sheets

Lawn & garden
Extrusion window screens, 24″ X 33″, .39/each

.02/daily paper

Personal care & health
Hair brush, Prophylactic, .49/each
Permanent wave, Genuine oil method, 10.00/person
Powder, bath, .45/container
Soap, Palmolive, .20/3 cakes
Toilet paper, American, .25/four rolls
Tonic, Liebig’s malt, .25/bottle

Real estate
Houses for sale
Morristown, 8 rooms, 13,000.00
Morristown, 6 rooms, 8,000.00
Morristown, 5 rooms, bungalow, 4,500.00
Houses for rent
Morristown, half a double house, 45.00/month
Morristown, 7 rooms, 75.00/month
Morristown, 6 rooms, 45.00/month
Apartments & rooms
Morristown, 5 rooms, 50.00/month
Morristown, 4 roooms, 25.00/month
Morristown, 3 rooms, 35.00/month

Recreation & amusements
Bicycles, Golden Arrow, 36.00-45.00/each
Radio, Majestic, 85.00-163.00/each
Scooters, children’s, 2.98-4.50/each
Supper & fair, Hilldale Park Presbyterian Church [Cedar Knolls, NJ], .50/person
Wagons, children’s, 5.25-6.75/each

Lisa Your Questions About Ladies Shoes Size 12

Lisa asks…

Where can i find size 12 mens oatmeal sperry topsider boat shoes?

lizzyrose cropped Your Questions About Ladies Shoes Size 12

Our pick of the answers:

Zappos.com. Usually next day delivery too. I have the oatmeal sperrys, you will love them! So comfortable and the ladies dig them

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