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Your Questions About Ladies Shoes Size 13

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Sharon Your Questions About Ladies Shoes Size 13

Sharon asks…

What was the price of mascara, any kind of candy, or any product from the 1930s?

I am doing a great depression project for a project and we have to tell about the great depression and we have to make a magazine and i need to know prices of things? it would be soo helpfull if any one knew any prices of anything. :]

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Our pick of the answers:

April 1930 fashion issue concentrated on advising the bride of all the latest fashionable styles from Paris and in particular the new silhouette and skirt length. The fashionable new length for the new thirties decade had dropped dramatically and was 4 inches below the knee. This issue also explained specific clothing items could be bought directly from that issue of Good Housekeeping. It also itemised the 1930 trousseau at a cost of $386.15. The fashionable 1930 trousseau included a satin wedding gown, a veil, a 3 piece going away suit and a suitcase of other items which amounted to more than 5 types of dresses, a full coat, jackets, lingerie and more sundry items.

Standard Grocery List For The Year 1930

Item Unit Cost Total Cost Average Weekly Salary
1 pound apples $0.11

2 pounds roast $0.41

3 pounds steak $0.48

1 pound bread $0.09

1 pound butter $0.46

3 pounds chicken $0.37

1 pound coffee $0.37

1 dozen eggs $0.52

2 half gallon milk $0.31

bushel of potatoes $0.38

1 pound rice $0.09

1 pound sugar $0.06


Cost of Food as a Percent of Weekly Income: 21.2%

.H. DeRoy and Co. Advertised eyeglasses in white gold-filled frames for $7.50, including the examination, and you could pay 50 cents a week. Dr. Finkelstein, who advertised “lady attendants,” would pull your teeth for 50 cents each and make false teeth for $10 a plate.
Glosser Bros. Store sold girls’ wash dresses for as low as 46 cents, men’s dress shirts for 45 cents, children’s school shoes for 79 cents, full-fashion silk hose for 59 cents and “very nice” toilet paper for 4 cents a roll.
Penn Furniture offered three rooms of furniture for $235. The Geis Store offered a 4-piece bedroom suite for $76.50 and threw in a free room-size rug. At Gately & Fitzgerald Furniture Co., you could get a new coal or gas range for $59.50, 5-piece breakfast sets for $29.75 and complete 5 piece curtains for 55 cents.
By 1936, food was still cheap compared to today’s prices. American Stores sold coffee for 17 cents a pound, 6 pounds of bananas or a dozen oranges for a quarter, 25 pounds of sugar for $1.23, 24 pounds of flour for 90 cents and chuck roasts for 12 cents. Glosser’s market had hams for 25 cents a pound, sausage for 20 cents, sirloin or porterhouse steak for 25 cents and pigs’ feet for a dime.
At Better Tires Sales Co., new tires sold for as low as $3.95. Whiskey at the State Stores was $1.25 to $1.50 a full quart, and at Burkes Auto Store a new radiator for your Model A Ford set you back $5.95.
Levy’s sporting goods sold baseball gloves for 95 cents to $3.95, and bats for a buck, a dozen for $10. DeRoy’s advertised blue-white diamond engagement rings for $25, with a free 18-carat gold wedding band thrown in, or solid gold birthstone rings for $3.95.
Dr. Finkelstein was still charging 50 cents to pull a tooth, but dentures were up to $14.50 and $22.50 a plate. Woolfe & Reynolds had men’s suits for $25 and shoes for $3.95 to $9.
Penn Traffic Co. Threw in a 32-piece dinner set with a gas range for $79.50, and offered an electric washing machine for $49.50, or a 10-piece dining room set for $159.
By 1939, Economy Stores were selling 10 cans of milk for 55 cents, coffee for 17 cents, sweet potatoes for 5 cents a pound, two heads of lettuce for 15 cents and cheese for 19 cents. Glosser’s market advertised 2 loaves of bread for 9 cents, 2 pounds of butter for 52 cents, 2 packs of cigarettes for 27 cents, 25 pounds of sugar for $1.13 and sliced bacon for 25 to 37 cents a pound.
A 10-diamond pair of bridal rings cost $29.75 at Rothstein’s and men’s Florsheim shoes were $7.85 at Peerless Shoe Store on Main Street. Penn Traffic had men’s spring topcoats for $12.85 and ladies dresses for 95 cents for house dresses, $2.85 for more dressy attire – or a muskrat fur coat for $85.
Canadian Fur Co. Had fur coats as low as $55.


Mandy Your Questions About Ladies Shoes Size 13

Mandy asks…

I’m really tall and need ideas to feel more confident in myself.?

I just turned 13 and am already 5″9′ and very insecure in general. I’ve got very broad shoulders, a very long torso and short legs and very large feet which therefore make it hard to buy clothes. Most people would say ‘Oh be a model’ but I am not pretty enough and am very curvy, not slender at all. The boy I like is two years older than me and yet still I am taller than him. Any ideas to boost my self confidence?

lizzyrose cropped Your Questions About Ladies Shoes Size 13

Our pick of the answers:

I’ve been 5’10 since I was 14 (now I’m 19) and have size 10 feet, so I know how you feel! Hold yourself high; yeah, it makes you taller, but it also makes you look like you don’t give a damn that you’re taller. I wear high heels often, actually, to make the point that I am really freaking tall, and to hide my big feet with sweet shoes. If you have the long torso with some nice curves, try some sweater dresses; it’ll make your torso look more balanced with your legs. Maybe capris, because they will make your legs look longer. The answer before me has a good idea with flowy shirts; peasant shirts or 3/4 length sleeves are nice!
Tall girls are great, so don’t feel uncomfortable about it. It’ll be a huge advantage when you’re older, I promise. Also, offer to help people get things on tall shelves a lot, especially old ladies. It makes you feel great and makes other people think you’re an angel.

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