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Your Questions About Ladies Shoes Wide

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Mary Your Questions About Ladies Shoes Wide

Mary asks…

How to try on pointe shoes?

I missed the class where the shoe lady came to fit pointe shoes. I’m going to the store next sunday, will the staff help me? I don’t want to embarrass myself :S

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Our pick of the answers:

Lots of luck on getting help from the staff. They probably know less than you do.

When you don a pair of shoes, any kind, stand in them. Certainly you will know whether they are wide enough and long enough.

Bend over and feel where the ball of your foot sets in the shoe. Moving your thumb back to the arch, (shank of the shoe), check to see that your foot has filled the shank completely. If you feel an obvious space from the ball of the foot to the arch, this indicates that your arch is NOT RESTING properly on the shank of the shoe.
Even though you may feel like your toes have ample room in the vamp, you will tire very quickly in those shoes as your arch is “suspended” with no support.

I don’t know if you’ll be able to find other styles to correct this in this day and time. China makes 80 % of the worlds shoes and they do not consider the differences in individual feet, with respect to the length of the vamp and the arch,

Once you get them home, walk for several minutes or longer on carpet or padded surface to protect the soles. You will know if they are comfortable.
Shop for shoes early in the day. After you have been on your feet most of a day, your feet swell.

The US used to make a basic 108 sizes, with different lasts to accomodate these differences.

It’s been several years since I was in that business.

Mandy Your Questions About Ladies Shoes Wide

Mandy asks…

Has anyone been able to wear ladies shoes after having bunion & neuroma surgery?

I’m booked in for an operation to have bunion surgery & possibly a nerve cut out of my worst foot.

However I’m dubious I’ll be able to wear shoes again ever as I’ve had to wear flip flops only for the last 7 years or trainers if it’s raining/snowing due to normal footwear crunching my toe joints.

I hate this as I can’t wear any nice clothes as flip flops don’t go with much. That’s almost worse than the pain.

So I’m considering cancelling the operation to just live with the pain & save taxpayers money & my time.

Is there anyone who’s had this surgery that could only wear flip flops before the operation?
Has anyone been able to wear normal ladies shoes after the operation?
Has anyone had complications develop after the operation?
I’ve tried going to places like Clarks & buying extra wide shoes but I still had the crunching in my toe joints which irritates the nerves & caused the neuroma. The problem is my feet were already really wide before the bunions appeared.

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Our pick of the answers:

Babe I have bunions on both feet. Iwear extra wide shoes. Yes Iknow what you mean , my toe use to be very painful. But now I get my shoes from shoe tailor. Have a look on the web, they do shoes extra large. I take a size 6 shoe and some shoe are 39 some 40 in, long .on shoe tailor they 40 so dont have painful toe I hope thats some help

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