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Your Questions About Ladies Shoes Wide

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Sharon Your Questions About Ladies Shoes Wide

Sharon asks…

ladies what size shoe do you wear and are your feet wide or narrow?

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Our pick of the answers:

9-10 My feet aren’t exactually narrow, but they are for sure not wide. So I guess average! icon surprised Your Questions About Ladies Shoes Wide )

Laura Your Questions About Ladies Shoes Wide

Laura asks…

My 5 yr old daughter has wide feet and chunky calves. Where can I find boots to fit? Would uggs work?

She was really sad after shoe shopping because we couldn’t find boots to fit her. I will be her hero if I can find a pair. I’ve searched all the shoe sites and found nothing. We need something in a wide size without a zipper. She really wants them in brown. Uggs would be perfect but I don’t know if they’ll fit her wide feet.
Thanks for your answers. The shoe store we were in was a stride rite store and she had her feet measured by a professional. I’ve looked on zappos, shoebuy, etc. I was wondering if there was some source I had overlooked.

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Our pick of the answers:

Take her to a good shoe store. I am a school teacher who professionally fitted shoes and I must say they really make a difference. An upscale department store should be able to tell if they fit. But I have to agree with the person who suggested Stride Rites.

Kids feet are shaped slightly differently and grow very quickly. Wider feet grow faster then narrower feet. The boot could be to narrow in several places or you run the risk of going to big to accommedate the wide and having shoes that are two long.

I like Zappos to look at styles but I wouldn’t buy shoes there. 1. They are over priced in comparison to department stores or stride rite stores.
2. They require you to measure your child’s foot yourself.

She could be a wide width in one style shoe and maybe even an extra wide in another style.

I have a put two different manufactures on children and had parents be shocked in the size difference.

Stride Rite or an independent family shoe store would be your best bet. I did not work on commission so there was no advantage like there are in some places to sell a shoe that doesn’t fit. In fact since the shoe store was 48 years old and had a state wide reputation. My boss would have been very angry had I risked losing a life long customer to sell a shoe.

Some places are not like that. I have seen some bad fits come in from other places.

I know that Stride Rite is not as cool as Uggs but they are well made, real leather, and they do a lot of research on how children walk and grow. They just don’t shrink the shoe to fit a kid.

There are a lot of European shoes you shoud check out to like Ecco or Aster. The problem with European shoes is they don’t make widths. They just make different styles to fit different feet. And on average Americans have wider feet.

I hope this helped. And I know you may have already thought of this but be careful on the size of the heel. Kids shoes sometimes try to look grown up and she may be running around kindergarten or the first grade recess. (I don’t know if she would be able to switch shoes) Ankle injuries can happen.

On a side note one of the saddest thing I have saw in the shoe world was a little girl who’s mother forced her into a pair of shoes that hurt her feet. The wide ones looked to old lady like she said. The girl was seven. She almost cried and kept saying her feet hurt. Her mother told her that she could put up with them for a hour.

Long term that can cause real problems. Short term what lession are we teaching about being proud of our bodies if we think are feet are too big.

Good Luck Shopping

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