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Your Questions About Ladies Shoes Wide

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Carol Your Questions About Ladies Shoes Wide

Carol asks…

Ladies help.?

is it nice to be taller than your bf?…im 2 feet taller than my boy. it feels wierd.

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Our pick of the answers:

Wear stripes that go around you and slacks/ jeans that are wide on the bottom and wear a real flat sole shoe, should help you out cause when you wear these clothes then you don’t look so tall

Donna Your Questions About Ladies Shoes Wide

Donna asks…

Comfy yet cute shoes for the prego lady… any suggestions?

So I’m 27 years old and 9 weeks pregnant with my first child. I work in a high paced Corporate office where I’m on my feet alot. My current footwear of 2 1/2 inch heeled boots and pumps are starting to make my feet tired within an hour of wearing them. I cant imagine what it will feel like in a few months! My question is..Im 5’0 and all my pants fit me to wear heels with them (So my pants will be too long if I wear flats), and Im guessing my maternity pants will be the same length. Any suggestions as to comfy shoes to buy that are cute and professional? Thanks!!!
Oh and I forgot to mention that I’m a size 5 so I’ll probably have to order online, since most stores will carry from 5.5 up…

lizzyrose cropped Your Questions About Ladies Shoes Wide

Our pick of the answers:

What Pregnant Women Should Look for in Shoes

Flats, or low, wide heels – around 2″ or lower.
Good arch support. This can be accomplish through buying from noted comfort shoe brands, or by using an insert that adds arch support.
Breathable uppers (canvas or leather) that won’t trap moisture.








Look I also found this I am personally going to buy the pink, black, and blue take a look:


Shoes that slip-on, as laces may become more difficult to tie.
Larger or wider shoes — swelling may make your regular size and width uncomfortable.
Additional Tips for Foot Care During Pregnancy
Wearing socks with closed-toe shoes may increase your comfort.
Avoid standing for long periods without a rest.
Elevate legs when possible, and if your feet are feeling extra achy, try soaking them.

Cute Flats
Pregnant or not, we could all benefit from wearing more flats. But for many of us, the trick is in finding the cute ones. Add needing a wide width to the equation, and the task becomes nearly impossible — the keyword, being “nearly.”

Evening Shoes
Why couldn’t everyone just hold off on the special occasions until after the baby has arrived? Fortunately, there are still a lot of really great-looking evening shoes with lower heels and comfort features.

Loafers & Casual Shoes
Loafers are a great choice when you need a low heel, and a casual, stylish look. Below are a few super-cute choices in wider widths.

If the weather permits you to wear sandals during your pregnancy, you might enjoy the added air circulation, and the less restrictive nature of shoes like the following sandals.

Mules and Clogs
Mules and clogs are a great choice during pregnancy. In addition to the built-in comfort features offered by many clog-makers, wearing a solid-soled, backless shoe reduces pressure on the back of your feet — plus, they’re great for quickly slipping on and off.

Sporty Shoes & Sneakers
Cute and sporty, here are a few sneakers that offer plenty of style, but also have features you might appreciate – like wider widths or uppers made from breathable canvas or leather.

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