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Your Questions About Ladies Shoes Wide

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Maria Your Questions About Ladies Shoes Wide

Maria asks…

Ok ladies, shoe dilemma, I need ?

I have oddly shaped feet and can NEVER find shoes to fit me. I can’t even usually find shoes that are tolerable without putting me in an insane amount of pain. The length of my feet are size 8 1/2, but I need wide shoes because 8 1/2s are too narrow for my width. I tried going up to a 9, and the shoes are wide enough, but my heal literally flops out of the shoe every time I take a step. I tried all kinds on insoles, and I even tried adhesives that you are supposed to stick on the back of your heel. NOTHING WORKS!! It’s so unfair, because I frequently need to wear business type shoes, but NO ONE (not even online) that I can find sells 8 1/2 wide unless it’s a tennis shoe.

This is embarrassing, but it literally to the point that I am forced to rip plastic grocery bags apart and stuff the toes of my shoes. It makes the shoes fit well, but it’s still annoying having the plastic at the toes.

I’m desperate, this often keeps me from wearing cute skirts and shorts that I want to, but I don’t know what else to do. I’m also at a loss for what to do about sandals. There’s NO WAY you can stuff filling in sandals to make them fit better…

I’m desperate, any ideas???
That’s great advice, but I need business type shoes in 8 1/2 wide and NO ONE OFFERS IT. It’s so frustrating.

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Our pick of the answers:

Okay you may have to bite your lip and buy some expensive shoes.

Nordstrom offers shoes from the widths
4a Super slim to 3 e,eee xxx wide.


Helen Your Questions About Ladies Shoes Wide

Helen asks…

Ladies, ladies, ladies!!!?

Few quick questions about finding somewhere to shop online. I have wide feet and it’s hard to find cute shoes that fit. I need like a pump or stilletto some type of heel wedge whatever no boots. Not looking for anything too expensive but something that will last I won’t be wearing them often. Also I have this vision of a red dress that zips in the front. Can anyone help me find some shoes if you can help with the dress then that’s fine. Thanks for your time!
Please don’t forget I have WIDE feet!

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Our pick of the answers:

My suggestions:
Wishes Wishes Wishes Women’s Dbl Ruffle Zip Front Dress
Womens Exotic Sexy Stretchy Ruched Zip Front Fitted Tube Dress / Mini Dress -


and Nina Women’s Electra Platform Pump – good for wide feet, very comfortable http://goo.gl/yJKVd

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