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Your Questions About Ladies Shoes With Red Bottoms

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Sharon Your Questions About Ladies Shoes With Red Bottoms

Sharon asks…

LADIES: I need help with looking less frumpy and beauty treatments?

Does anyone know how it is so easy for a lot of women to look put together and keep the thigns they were nice?

I look frumpy 99% of the time. I work in a nice office, but wear the same heels every day and mostly black slacks with a t shirt.

I sweat a lot in my armpits and feet, so I don’t wear white shirts a lot (or any shirt I dOn’t want to ruin) and I wear the same heels with paper towels on the bottom so they don’t stink!

All of my clothes seem to fade and tear sooner than most other people’s. I’m talking within a few months. I have tried laundry tips, but it seems to be in the way I wear them. I can say the same for all of my shoes and heels.

I also have no idea how to dress. Like I said, my wardrobe mostly consists of black slacks, black normal heels, t shirts, and jeans. I have a few dresses that I would never wear outside of the beach. I have lots of accessories, but they don’t seem to match anything I own.

I guess my question is; Ladies, how do you keep your look up? How do you keep your clothes nice? And how do you keep them nice and “GENTLY” wear them throughout the day as that seems to be when I wear mine out the most? Just one wear and it looks like I’ve had it for years.

Also, how much a month do you spend on looking nice?

I want to be low maintenence, but I’m so tired of looking gross! I’m 24, work in a nice place, and have a few extra bucks, so I need to look nice. I just don’t know where to start or what to do.
Should I do my hair every day? Get it styled? What about my nails?

I am about to move in with my boyfriend and when I shave, my skin looks irritated and red and even more so if I continue to shave every day. Do you ladies wax? What’s an easy and cheap way to do it??

I’m really at a complete loss. Even my room looks frumpy!!

Thank you for any help at all icon smile Your Questions About Ladies Shoes With Red Bottoms

lizzyrose cropped Your Questions About Ladies Shoes With Red Bottoms

Our pick of the answers:

Hmmm. Well, you have a boyfriend and a decent job so you are almost there. The first thing you need to have is a attitude tune up. U dont see that you are beautiful. You are. Until you feel it you could wear the queen tiara and still feel down about yourself. One thing to do is look at your life. You need to be realistic in what you will upkeep. You don’t seem like you would put hours and hours into your appearance that is required to look “maintained” every woman knows most natural beauty is a big crock of crud. Good news is most men who are quality men like natural women. The number one thing is to be clean. Secondly, you may want to go into a few salons for a few consultations on your hair. Ask the what they think about your color, etc. Most salons will oversell you for $z usually a few highlights around your face can add light to your face and pep you up. Just make sure it’s a shade that flatters you. If you have really dark hair it might not be a good idea to do highlights. Make sure you trim your hair. Also, you can paint your nails yourself if you don’t want to keep up the acrylics which are a bit of maintenance and the nails can lift off and you can get infections there. Still I love the look of nails and they make you look femme. Also, get a mist or perfume that smells feminine and lightly use it. Maybe your boyfriend likes vanilla. Having a bit of scent around you is very girly. Also, when you buy others buy less and buy the best you can afford. Better to have two nice pairs of pants than 20 disheveled ones. Maybe use a dry cleaner so they get pressed really nice. All I can say is try stuff on and try to buy better quality. Don’t wear your work clothes at home. Immediately take them off and hang them up. Don’t throw on the chair or floor. Look at magazines to get ideas of what looks good. Maybe you could wear a navy suit. Pinstripes. They even have some affordable suits on Blair and Chadwick’s of you want to experiment with suits. I usually buy from spiegel.com, dillards, and little shops in the mall. Buy leather black pumps that fit right. Make sure they are in great condition. Shoes are very important for comfort. Step out of your comfort zone and put on some clothes you would never dare to wear usually. Try other looks. You should try to buy some classic pieces like a cardigan and tank underneath, pearls, etc. They don’t have to be real but it’s always good. You can’t go wrong with a nice pair of black slacks a cashmere sweater and black shoes. You can play it up with jewelery. Since you are younger you might wanna have a bit of fun with your wardrobe as well though. Pick our est feature and play with it. It may be your eyes. If its your legs but skirts that show them off ( not short shirt shirt at work) off you have cleavage you can wear a slight v neck and keep conservative everywhere else. Beauty is mostly a state of mind and no matter what you look like some will still find you not there personal taste so make yourself happy. Good luck

Carol Your Questions About Ladies Shoes With Red Bottoms

Carol asks…

Describe your clothing style. Ladies and Men.?

I need to get a feel of all kinds of fashion senses, and I am curious to know..do you believe that you can figure out someone’s personality by the clothes they wear?

Answer my questions!! please. And feel free to drop names of brands while you describe your fashion sense. Shoes, clothing, hair, accessories, the whole shebang.

lizzyrose cropped Your Questions About Ladies Shoes With Red Bottoms

Our pick of the answers:

Lol, I’ll try.

Hair: just down and wavy, kind of messy. It’s a medium brown color with a lot of gold and blonde in it. People tell me I have model’s hair, but I don’t think so. Sometimes I’ll wear it up in a messy bun, or I’ll wear a simple headband.

Accessories: maybe a knit hat, sometimes I’ll carry a tote or wear a funky thrift shop belt over a tunic. I’m really into scarves right now. I don’t wear earrings (I don’t believe in getting my ears pierced.) For bracelets, I usually stick with a few yarn bracelets, or some bangles. For necklaces, I like those really long ones, with a pretty handmade pendant. Dunno if it goes in here, but for makeup, I usually wear some coverup, a teeny bit of mascara, and some simple shimmery lip gloss.

Shoes: I’m obsessed with boots. I like the Steve Madden Bonanza boots, I wear cowboy boots, I’ll wear anything. I wear Converse, I have a pair of classic black and white low tops, and a pair of neon pink, blue, and yellow high tops. I wear some gladiator sandals on weekends, and I also love black sparkly flats.

Clothes: For bottoms, only skinny jeans. Occasionally denim, and I’ll sometimes go with bright colors (pink, blue, red, etc.), but I usually wear my favorite pair of Wet Seal skinnies that fit me perfectly. For tops, I’m really into the long, baggy ones right now, with a belt around the waist. I’m also into white v-necks. I love any cute graphic tees from dELiA’s or Wet Seal. For sweaters, usually a cardigan, or a bright, patterned hoodie.

I believe that you can sometimes tell what a person’s personality is like from the clothes they wear. Hectic, unorganized people will usually end up wearing really random, uncoordinated things. Girly people will wear skirts, heels, pink, etc. But I agree with the other answerer, if someone is poor, you really can’t judge their personality. They could have a great personality, and you might not even know it.

Wow, I wrote a LOT. Lol. XD Hope you don’t mind. =P

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