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Your Questions About Shoes For Women

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Susan Your Questions About Shoes For Women

Susan asks…

Different shoes for different kinds of women?

I need a list of shoes which COULD be related to a certain kind of woman.

Ballet flats – dancer
Peep toe heels – fashionista
Killer heels – psycho masochist
That’s kind of the point, I know women can wear whatever shoes they choose regardless of they’re “style” and a applaud that, but I need a list of these stereotypes for this school thing.
Argg no one is helping! The point is I have to make a video and its going to say that for each aspect of your personality there’s a pair of shoes to match that. I’m not trying to force some scary shoe stereotype on people!

lizzyrose cropped Your Questions About Shoes For Women

Our pick of the answers:

Ballet flats- dancer or tall woman
Sandals- woman who lives in warm climate, or who needs ventilation
High heels-woman who dresses formally, or a shorter woman
Open toe heels- High fashion or retro look
Athletic shoe- woman who does a lot of walking
Tennis shoe- woman who dresses casually or plays tennis
Earth shoe- woman who wants to exercise her legs more while walking
Beach shoe-woman who swims a lot
House slippers- woman who doesn’t want to walk from bed bare-footed
Flip-flops- woman who dresses extremely casually and economically
Equestrian boots- woman who rides horses
Cowboy boots-woman who likes western wear or rides horses
Mary Jane’s- woman who wants style and comfort both
Orthopedic shoe-woman who needs correction of her walk
Fur lined boot-woman who lives in colder climate
Bright colored, high spike heels- hookers
Boots- woman who likes to be stylish
Wedge shoe- woman who wants style with balance and ease of walking
Loafer-woman who likes preppie look, or an under-stated work shoe
Moccasins- woman who likes the style, or is Native American, or likes comfort
Platform shoe- woman who wants to make a fashion statement
Wedding shoe-woman who is going to a wedding or getting married
Work shoe- woman who is a nurse or waitress or must be on her feet a lot
Non-leather shoe-woman who doesn’t want to wear any animal product in her shoe

Lizzie Your Questions About Shoes For Women

Lizzie asks…

Ice cream shoes for women?

Do they have ice cream shoes for women? I don’t mean youth girls I mean women. They have them for men just wondering if they have them for women sizes too.

And if answer the first question if you don’t mind showing me a few sites where I could buy them?

Thanks so much!
I don’t like the kind with little lipsticks on them or anything. I just like the bold bright coloured ones. If they have bright colours for women please tell me!

lizzyrose cropped Your Questions About Shoes For Women

Our pick of the answers:

I found a bunch on ebay yesterday – http://search.ebay.com/search/search.dll?from=R40&satitle=womans+ice+cream+shoes&category0=

But they are kinda different then the guys’ ice cream shoes!!!

EDIT- No they dont have those icon sad Your Questions About Shoes For Women sorry, you could always just buy a guys pair, nothings wrong with that (they look kinda girly in the first place!!)

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