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Your Questions About Shoes For Women

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Lizzie Your Questions About Shoes For Women

Lizzie asks…

Shoes! women etc…?

Why are women so obsessed with shoes?
You think you know a girl and then she drops to her knees when you pass the shoeshop…

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Our pick of the answers:

I think shoes and purses are greatly obsessed about because no matter the womans size she can still enjoy them. Where as with clothing thats not always the case. She may feel self conscious with a new top but wow those new shoes or that bag! Ya know?

Susan Your Questions About Shoes For Women

Susan asks…

Great Winter Shoes for Women?!?

What are some great winter shoes? I live in AZ so I don’t really need them for warmth, I just want them to help complete my outfits. Please no heels or wedges, I’m tall enough as it is! As of right now all I have are moccasins, ugg boots, converse and flip flops! So please tell me a style of shoe that you like to wear in winter. With a dress and tights or just jeans and a sweater. Pictures would be much appreciated as well!

lizzyrose cropped Your Questions About Shoes For Women

Our pick of the answers:

Because you already mentioned ugg boots, mocs, I’ll try not to mention those.

I think loafers would be great for you! (:

For more expensive, wonderful quality shoes, Steve Madden has great loafers
A cheetah print, that isn’t trashy, more classy. I own these and they’re so comfy and they’re easier to match with outfits than you would think!


Here are another pair available in many patterns:


More nice shoes you can wear during the winter are oxfords. I love me some oxfords.
Here is a brown pair, also available in black.


I bought my pair of oxfords at TJ Maxx, they were from BASS and were on sale for 19 dollars! What a deal!

So I definitely recommend looking at places like TJ Maxx and Ross for shoes. And if you online shop GoJane is a great website for cheap, and nice shoes


I hope this helped! (:

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