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Your Questions About Shoes For Women

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Helen Your Questions About Shoes For Women

Helen asks…

What kind of shoes do young women wear?

Not teenagers, but not adults really. Like I know women wear heels a lot but I’m still in high school and don’t feel like wearing heels all the time…..many of my friends wear flats but my feet are skinny and seem to slip out sometimes. These are the shoes I wear mostly, mine are pink and black : http://store.nike.com//index.jsp?country=US&lang_locale=en_US#l=shop,pdp,ctr-nikeid/pn-mogMid0902/pbid-INSPI_182819_v9_0_20091102/piid-13410/pid-307969/cid-1

But girls my age (17-18) I don’t see wear these much, I just want some cute shoes that look nice for my age. Those Nikes look a little juvenile to me lol. And nothing TOO expensive. Like UGGS. I’m not working at the moment and don’t have $200 for 1 pair of shoes cause of my car payment. Oh and I like comfortable shoes, that’s why I like my nikes but they are getting boring for me wearing the same shoes! Links would be great but not necessary.
By the way I DON’T want any shoes to look skater kinda. More of something that would look good with more of ‘preppy’ look I guess? Can;t remember other word so I’ll go with preppy haha
okay, no payless cheap….lol but like good quality under $100

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Our pick of the answers:

There’s really a wide variety to choose from.
You go with some cute strappy things like: http://cn1.kaboodle.com/hi/img/2/0/0/d6/3/AAAAAiPMgNkAAAAAANYwQw.jpg
or maybe some simple shoes with small detail:http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_5OAhHuoVIHs/SQitx8tcx3I/AAAAAAAACog/EjgrHHF0two/s320/studded+flats.jpg
or if it’s colder, definitely go with some nice boots like: http://cdn.overstock.com/images/products/P10269126.jpg
or you could even “prep” up some converse, like in these outfits:http://www.limelife.com/R/ResourceModule/generated/08.23.08.am.style.converse_w_546_h_746.jpg
just gotta know how to wear them =)

if you need more ideas, start checking out everyones’ shoes and decide what you do and don’t like. Also go into some local shoe shops and try on different pairs to see if they’re comfortable enough =)
one last idea is to check out ebay.com and you might find something nice icon smile Your Questions About Shoes For Women


hope this has been helpful! Good luck =)

Sandy Your Questions About Shoes For Women

Sandy asks…

What are some good running shoes for woman?

I have fairly high arches and some foot problems so extra cushioning would be a plus. Also, are those shoes that tone your body work at all? I have heard they put extra strain on your joints.

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Our pick of the answers:

Ok…first things first. High arches indicates that you under-pronate meaning you need a cushioning shoe. My suggestions are the Asics 2150 & 2160 model, Asics Nimbus or Kayano. Brooks Adrenaline 10 or Ravenna, Nike Lunarfly and Lunar Glide.

Secondly…sorry to say, no there is absolutely no research to support that Sketchers Shape-Ups or Reebok’s Easytone and Runtone shoes do anything in terms of muscle toning or enhance running performance in any way. The theory behind these shoes is that by landing on an unstable surface it sends a signal to the brain to contract more stabilizing muscles along the leg in order to maintain balance. Again, this is the theory and has not been subjected to testing by either shoe company. A woman came into Dick’s Sporting Goods where I work as the “Running Specialist” with a broken Cuboid bone, a weight bearing bone in the foot, after exercising in a pair of Reebok Easytones.

There is however scientific studies conducted on the benefits of a more minimalistic approach. This however takes a lot of time and dedication to more to a more barefoot experience and something which I suggest with the warning of taking it slow. If you choose this route I’d suggest trying the Adizerio Sonic by Adidas or the Brooks Green Silence as transition shoes from a heel strike pattern to a forefoot striking pattern. One you can safely land on your forefoot for many miles I’d suggest trying something like Vibram Five Fingers.

Good luck and Happy Running

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